Thu, 11 May 2017
IPL updates: Punjab edge past Mumbai to keep play-off hopes alive

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23:59   Punjab edge past Mumbai to keep play-off hopes alive


Mumbai 223-6 (20 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Mohit Sharma to bowl the final over and facing him will be Pollard, who has smashed his way to 42 from just 18 balls.

Pollard drives the first ball to long-on and picks two runs to a struggling Maxwell on the field. Interestingly, Pollard has not touched the crease which means it is declared one run short.

That move works as Pollard is back on strike and he clubs the next ball over square leg for a six.

The third ball is a full toss which Pollard hits to long-off and refuses the single.

The fourth ball is a yorker which Pollard can only defend back to the bowler for another dot ball.

Mohit sends down another stunning delivery, a wide yorker as Pollard is beaten again.

The last ball is another yorker which goes through Pollard for a single to fine leg as Punjab emerge victorious.

A sensation last over from Mohit as he kept his cool in a pressure situation to guide his team to victory in a tense run chase.

Three straight yorkers to Pollard -- one of the most dangerous batsmen in T20 cricket -- in a tense final over must definitely rank as a great effort with the ball.

Infact, Sandeep laid the platform as he conceded just seven in the penultimate over which gave Mohit some cushion for the final over.

With his win, Punjab keep their play-off hopes alive as they register their seventh win from 13 games. However, they will still need to win their last match and hope Sunrisers Hyderabad lose their final match to make it through to the play-offs.

Mumbai 215-6 (19 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Sandeep to bowl the 19th over. He beats his Punjab team mate Harbhajan Singh with the first ball, bowling it full and wide before the right-hander picks a single from the next ball.

Sandeep bowling a good length as Pollard can only whip the third ball to deep midwicket for two runs. The next ball is driven through the covers and he again pushes Harbhajan for two runs to bring the equation down to 18 from eight balls.

Sandeep then bowls a big wide outside the off-stump as Pollard has another go but can't reach it. He has another go but can't get hold of it for a single to deep extra cover.

The last ball is a perfect yorker as Harbhajan is beaten leaving Mumbai to get 16 from the last over.

A brilliant over from Sandeep, giving away just seven runs.
23:42   Mumbai need 23 from 12 balls for victory

Mumbai 208-6 (18 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Punjab's fielding is letting them down and unbelievably it is their captain Maxwell, who is having a rare off day in the field.

Karn lofts Mohit down the ground as Maxwell runs around but only manages to deflect the ball over the ropes for a six. He chops the next ball over point for a four before he edges the next past short thirdman for another boundary.

He has another swing off the next ball but misses and is bowled for a quickfire 19 from six balls.

The last ball is driven down to long-off for one by new batsman Harbhajan Singh, which also denies him the strike for the next over.

Mumbai need 23 from last two overs for victory.
23:36   Pandya out for 13, Mumbai 5 down

Mumbai 192-5 (17 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Sandeep brings Punjab some relief with the wicket of Pandya. The right-hander chases a full wide delivery which moves away enough to take the edge as Saha takes a superb catch, diving full length to his right.

Pandya walks back after a quickfire 30 from 13 balls. His partnership of 55 from 21 balls with Pollard has brought Mumbai back in the contest.

No stopping Pollard though who smashes the third ball powerfully down the ground giving the fielder at long-on no chance for a four. The next hit clears the same fielder comfortably for a six as Mumbai continue their attacking approach.

The last ball is a full toss as Maxwell is unable to stop it near the long-on fence to give away a four.

17 runs from the over takes Mumbai to 192 for five in 17 overs, with 39 needed from three overs for victory.
23:29   Pandya and Pollard on the attack, Mumbai still in the hunt

Mumbai 175-4 (16 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Henry suffers at the hands of two big hitters from Mumbai. Pollard lofts the first ball straight back over the bowler's head for a six before he pulls a short ball over the fine leg fence for the same result.

Pandya joins in the act with a couple of sixes of his own, hitting it over the covers and midwicket for back to back maximums as the duo raise the 50-run stand for the fifth wicket from just 19 balls.

Henry has given away 27 runs in his second over as the equation comes down to 56 needed from four overs for victory.

Mumbai 148-4 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Mumbai will have their hopes pinned on their two big hitters out in the middle -- Pollard and Hardik Pandya.

Pandya takes no time to warm up as he lofts Tewatia back over his head for a straight six.

Later in the over, Pollard clubs a full delivery for the second six of the over as Tewatia concedes 14 in the 14 over.

Axar bowls a tight over before Pandya spoils it by smashing the last ball for a six over long-on.

Mumbai are 148 for four in 15 overs, needing 83 from five overs for victory.
23:12   Rohit and Rana perish, Mumbai in trouble

Mumbai 123-4 (13 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Rana throws his bat at a wide one from Ishant but gets an inside edge which beats wicketkeeper Saha for a four.

Ishant keeps tumbling on his follow through but today he has bowled well. He oversteps to give a no-ball but Rana can't make most of the free hit.

However, he misses out on a simple run out chance. Rana is struggling as he comes back for the second run with the fielder at square leg doing well to send in a flat throw at the bowler's end but Ishant fails to collect the ball with Rana way out of his crease.

Leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack and picks the big wicket of Rohit Sharma in his first over.

He looks to loft the leggie but mistimes it as the ball falls short of the fielder at long-off however he perishes two balls later. This time Rohit gently chips it straight to the fielder at long-on to perish for five.

In the next over, Axar claims the wicket of Rana to cripple Mumbai further as the hosts are reduced to 121 for four in the 13th over.

Rana goes for the slog sweep over midwicket but ends up hitting it straight to Guptill in the deep as the Kiwi takes his third catch of the innings.
23:03   Parthiv and Simmons perish, Mumbai 2 down

Mumbai 108-2 (10 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

One wicket leads to another as Simmons follows his partner Parthiv into the dressing room.

Simmons chips down and hits a full toss down the ground but Guptill at long-on leaps high and pulls off a sensational one-handed catch, plucking the ball out of thin air and also manages to retain his balance as he lands close to the ropes.

The umpires check for the no-ball with Maxwell's front foot nearly crossing the front crease but he has managed to get some part of it behind the line.

Simmons walks back after a splendid innings of  59 from 23 balls, having hit five fours and four sixes.

Mumbai are 108 for two in 10 overs, with another 123 needed from 10 overs for victory at more than 12 per over.
22:51   Parthiv out for 38, Mumbai lose 1st wicket

Mumbai 104-1 (9 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Axar Patel comes into the attack to bowl and is unlucky not to get a wicket with his second delivery as Mohit puts down a straightforward catch at long-off.

Simmons, on 44, makes Punjab pay for that lapse as he slams the last two balls of the over for two successive sixes to complete his fifty in grand style, from just 28 balls.

Captain Maxwell brings himself into the attack and bowls a good first over, conceding just five runs.

But Mohit continues to leak runs from the other end. Parthiv walks across his stumps and sweeps the pacer fine on the leg side for a four before he hits the next ball through thirdman for the same result.

Parthiv then pulls a short ball fine on the leg side for the third four of the over.

Mohit then salvages himself by picking up the wicket of Parthiv, who offers Manan Vohra a simple catch in the covers.

He walks back after scoring 38 from 23 balls, having put on 99 runs from 52 balls for the opening wicket to give Mumbai the perfect start.

The last ball is short and on the pads as new batsman Nitish Rana whips it square on the leg side for a four to get off the mark in some style.

Mumbai have made a strong start with the bat as they race to 104 for one in nine overs, with another 127 needed from 11 overs for victory.
22:36   Mumbai off to a quickfire start after Punjab post 230

Mumbai 68-0 (6 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Parthiv steals a quick single to mid-on as he survives a run out chance with the fielder missing the direct hit.

Simmons swings the third ball square on the leg side for two runs before he turns the last ball past short fine leg for a four.

Ishant has a huge appeal for LBW turned down against Parthiv with the ball slipping down the leg side. The next ball is a full toss which Simmons drives through the covers for a four.

Parthiv gets a thick outside edge which goes over the wicketkeeper for a four as he looks to swing Ishant on the leg side.

The last ball is on the pads as Simmons glances it past short fine leg for a four to take Mumbai past the 50-run mark after five overs.

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. Simmons picks the slower ball early as he clubs it over long-on for a six and then crashes the fourth ball over the off-side for another maximum.

Mohit goes for 16 in his first over as Mumbai race to 68 for no loss in six overs with Simmons on 44 from 23 balls and Parthiv on 21 from 13 balls.
22:20   Mumbai off to a good start after Punjab post 230

Mumbai 29-0 (3 ovs) vs Punjab 230-3 | Scorecard

Lendl Simmons and Parthiv Patel walk out to open the batting for the hosts as they chase a huge 231 for victory.

Sandeep Sharma starts with a poor delivery, full and on the pads, as Simmons flicks it through square leg for a four. The next ball is again down the leg side but this time the batsman fails to collect but gets a wide.

Simmons turns the third ball through midwicket for two runs and then takes one. Parthiv Patel gets off the mark with two runs from the last ball.

Matt Henry to bowl the second over. Simmons takes a single from the first ball before Parthiv pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four. The next ball is short and wide as Parthiv smashes it through the covers for another four.

Henry then overpitches as Parthiv plays a cracking cover drive to complete a hat-trick of boundaries with Mumbai racing to 23 for no loss in two overs.

Ishant Sharma to bowl the third over. He makes a good start giving away just two singles from his first four balls before Simmons ramps it fine on the off-side for a four to get six from the over.
21:54   Saha's 55-ball 93 powers Punjab to 230 vs Mumbai

Punjab 230-3 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

A splendid innings from Punjab's wicketkeeper-batsman Saha, who carries his bat through, smashing 93 from 55 balls. Regarded as a Test specialist, Saha shows he has all the requisites to be effective with the bat in limited overs cricket, as he smashed 11 four and three sixes in his 55-ball knock.

Punjab came out all guns blazing with Guptill (36 from 18 balls) and Saha going on the attack right from the start, putting 68 runs from 33 for the opening wicket.

Maxwell entertained with a quickfire 47 from 21 balls, including three sixes in a single bowled by Harbhajan Singh.

Shaun Marsh hit 25 from 16 balls, before Axar hitting an unbeaten 19 from 13 balls to propel the visitors to a massive score.

For Mumbai, only Bumrah did well with the ball, taking one for 24 in his four overs, while the rest went for plenty of runs.
21:50   Saha's 55-ball 93 powers Punjab to 230 vs Mumbai

Punjab 230-3 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

McClenaghan to bowl the 19th over. The first ball is full as Axar hits it to deep midwicket and Saha digs out a yorker for another quick run. Axar lofts the third ball on the leg side as Nitish Rana makes a diving effort at deep midwicket but can't get to the ball before it hits the turf as the batsmen pick up two runs.

He bowls a leg side wide to Saha but doesn't concede a boundary to give away just seven runs in the penultimate over. However, the Kiwi pacer has gone for too many runs, taking one for 54 in his four overs.

Hardik to bowl the final over. Saha swings the first ball over the square leg fence for a six to take his score into the 90s and then takes a single.

Hardik bowls a quick bouncer to Axar, who goes for the pull but is hit on the gloves and the helmet but its fall safely on the off-side for one.

Saha makes room as Hardik bowls a wide outside the off-stump before he bowls a wide yorker for a dot ball.

Saha clubs the fifth ball past the bowler for just a single which denies him the chance to get a hundred with just one ball left in the innings.

The last ball is full as Axar powerfully clubs down the ground for a straight six as Punjab finish on mammoth 230 for three in their 20 overs.

Punjab 207-3 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Bumrah will finish off early as he comes back, to bowl the 17th over. Four singles from the first four balls before Saha hammers a full delivery over the mid-off fielder for a four and then does well to keep out the yorker.

Under the circumstances, Bumrah has bowled an outstanding spell, taking one for 24 in four overs.

Malinga to bowl his fourth and final over. Axar Patel swings the first ball to deep midwicket for two runs before he hits the third ball to long-off for another couple and then picks a single as Punjab go past the 200-run mark, in the 18th over.
21:28   Saha's attack puts Punjab on course for a huge score

Punjab 190-3 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga comes back as Marsh picks a single from the first ball, as he defends a yorker on the off-side.

Malinga misses his length with the next ball and Saha is happy to loft the slower ball which is pitched right up over the fielder at mid-off, infact it goes all the way for a six. He tries the yorker but bowls a leg side wide before Saha takes a single with three more singles from the last three balls as Malinga concedes 12 in his third over.

McClengahan starts his new spell with a no-ball which Marsh heaves over midwicket for a six. The free hit delivery is smashed straight back but Pollard does well to save the boundary as he dives full length and keeps it down to two.

The slower ball does the trick as Marsh goes for another cross batted swing on the leg side but ends up slicing it high on the off-side as Parthiv does well to take the catch.

Marsh goes for 25, after putting on 52 runs from 27 balls for the third wicket with Saha.

Punjab looking for a total around the 240-run mark as they reach 190 for three in 16 overs, scoring at nearly 12 per over.

Saha continues to find the boundaries at a good rate, hitting his way to 73 from 43 balls.
21:11   Saha slams 31-ball fifty, Punjab eye huge total

Punjab 161-2 (14 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan comes back as Saha takes a single on the leg side and new batsman Shaun Marsh also takes a single to get off the mark.

Saha then comes down the track and lofts Harbhajan over long-on for a six to bring up his fifty in grand style, from just 31 balls.

Two singles from the last two balls makes it another expensive over from Harbhajan, who has given away 31 from two overs.

Spin from both ends now as Karn comes back from the other end. Saha smashes one straight back as the left-spinner makes a diving effort but can't get down in time to take a difficult catch to his left.

However, Karn does well to give away just six runs in his third over.

But Harbhajan continues to suffer. Saha chips down the track and lofts him back over his head, beating the man at long-off for a four. Two balls later, Marsh slog sweeps the senior off-spinner over midwicket for a six.

Harbhajan has gone for 14 runs in the 14th over, conceding a total of 45 in his three overs.

Punjab in sight of a huge total as they reach 161 for two in 14 overs, with Saha smashing 59 from 37 balls and Marsh on 14 from 10 balls.
21:01   Maxwell out for 21-ball 47, Punjab lose 2nd wicket

Punjab 131-2 (11 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga, who bowled an expensive first over, comes back. He tries for the yorker first ball but ends up bowling a leg side wide to Maxwell.

The next ball is full and on the stumps and Maxwell defends this time before he takes a single off the third ball.

Three more singles as Malinga gives away just five in his second over with Punjab reaching 126 for one in 10 overs at the halfway stage.

Harbhajan as expected is taken off after being hit for 21 in his first over as he makes way for Bumrah with Mumbai desperate to make a breakthrough and check Punjab's charge.

And Bumrah does the job for his team. He starts with two dot balls to Saha, who then picks a leg bye before Maxwell can also defend, who then gets an edge for a boundary.

However, Bumrah strikes with the key wicket of Maxwell off the last ball of the over. The Punjab captain is bowled after an entertaining innings of 47 from 21 balls, laced with two fours and five sixes.

Maxwell and Saha took the Mumbai bowlers apart as they put on a quickfire stand of 63 from 33 balls for the second wicket.
20:50   It's raining sixes at the Wankhede! Punjab on top...

Punjab 121-1 (9 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Karn comes into the attack after the first strategic break. Maxwell joins the party as he smashes the first ball over long-on for a huge six and has another go at the next two balls but is beaten.

Maxwell gets two runs off the fourth ball before he smashes one over of the off-side for the second six of the over.

A single off the last ball helps Punjab bring up their 100 after eight overs.

It's raining sixes at Wankhede as Maxwell goes after veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh, smashing for three sixes, in the ninth over.

The first two balls from the off-spinner are slammed over midwicket before he repeats the dose off the fifth with Harbhajan going for 21 in his first over.

Maxwell has blasted 41 from just 14 balls, while Saha has the same number of runs from 24 balls with Punjab racing to 121 for one in nine overs.
20:38   Saha's attack gives Punjab a quickfire start

Punjab 85-1 (7 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

McClenaghan comes back as Saha continues his aggressive approach. He sweeps the second ball past the fielder at short fine leg for a four followed by one.

Glenn Maxwell opens the face of the bat and guides the fourth ball fine on the off-side for another boundary.

The last ball is short and wide as Saha steers it past short thirdman for the third four of the over.

Another expensive over from the Kiwi pacer, he has conceded 30 in two overs with Punjab racing to 85 for one in seven overs, scoring at over 12 per over.

Saha has taken charge after Guptill's departure, hammering his way to 40 from 23 balls, having hit eight fours so far.
20:31   Guptill out for 18-ball 36, Punjab lose 1st wicket

Punjab 71-1 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Guptill in flow flow as he plays a cracking cover drive off a full delivery bowled by Bumrah for a boundary. The Kiwi opener picks a single before Saha gets two runs courtesy of a misfield by Hardik in the deep and then gets one. Guptill lofts the last ball down the ground and is lucky that he didn't connect well as it falls well short of Kieron Pollard at long-off.

Mumbai introduce leg-spinner Karn Sharma to bowl the final over of the Powerplay. Guptill sweeps the first ball past short fine leg for a four before he smashes the next ball powerfully back over the bowler's head for the same result.

He looks to slog sweep the next ball but gets a top edge and Hardik does well to run back from mid-on and judge a high catch.

Guptill walks back after a good innings of 36 from 18 balls to give his team a good start.

Despite the wicket, Punjab are well placed on 71 for one in six overs, scoring at nearly 12 per over.

Saha has also attacked right from the start, to be unbeaten on 31 from 19 balls.
20:23   Openers Guptill, Saha give Punjab a flying start

Punjab 51-0 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Lasith Malinga comes into the attack and Guptill targets him rightaway as he lofts the first ball straight back over his head but doesn't time it too well for a couple of runs.

However, he gets the next ball bang off the middle, hitting it over the long-off boundary for a six. And to add insult to injury, Malinga has overstepped giving away a free hit but Guptill can only get a single to sweeper cover.

Saha then comes down the track and lofts Malinga over the covers fora  four. The next ball is short as Saha pulls it past short fine leg for another boundary as Punjab race the 50-run mark after just 3.4 overs.

Malinga is smashed for 19 in his first over as Punjab race to 51 after four overs.
20:16   Punjab off to a flying start against Mumbai

Punjab 32-0 (3 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Punjab's openers have come out with a positive intent. Guptill turns Mitchell McClenagahan on the leg side for a single before Saha steers it past short thirdman for a four.

Two singles off the next two balls before Saha lofts the left-arm pacer over mid-on for a four.

McClenaghan knocks the bails on his follow through to give away a no-ball as Saha drives it straight down the ground for a four but is unable to make most of the free-hit delivery as he is foxed by the change of pace.

A fiery start from Punjab as they race to 29 for no loss in two overs, with McClengahan giving away 16 in his first.

First bowling change for Mumbai as Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. He makes a good start to check Punjab by conceding just three singles and has a huge appeal for caught behind down against Saha.

Punjab 13-0 (1 ov) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Martin Guptill starts off in aggressive fashion as he smashes the first ball from pacer Hardik Pandya through the covers for a four to get off the mark in some style. Two balls later, he goes after a full delivery which moves away slightly taking the edge but it flies over Harbhajan Singh at slip for another four.

Guptill smashes the fourth ball straight down the ground but the fielder at mid-on does well to come up with a diving stop and keep it down to just one.

The last ball is wide as Wriddhiman Saha slaps it past point for the third four of the over as Hardik goes for 13 in the opening over.
19:39   Mumbai Indians elect to bowl, Punjab include Ishant
Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to bowl against Kings XI Punjab at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.

Table toppers Mumbai are unchanged, while Punjab have made one change as pacer Ishant Sharma comes in for left-arm spinner Swapnil Singh.

It's a must-win game for Punjab, who need to win to keep their play-off hopes alive, while Mumbai would be looking for a victory to seal the top slot in the standings.
18:15   IPL updates: Punjab eye play-offs, Mumbai aim for top slot
Welcome to the coverage of the 51st match of the Indian Premier League between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab in Mumbai, on Thursday.

It's a do-or-die situation for Kings XI Punjab during their penultimate round encounter against table toppers Mumbai Indians.

A defeat for Punjab (12 points from 12 games) will mean that Kolkata Knight Riders (16 points from 13 games), Rising Pune Supergiant (16 from 12 games) and defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad (15 points from 13 games) will be through even before playing their respective last league matches.

For Mumbai Indians, who are on 18 points from 12 games, the primary aim is to maintain their pole position going into the play-offs.

For Mumbai Indians, it will be a case of trying to regain the momentum after losing to Sunrisers Hyderabad in their last game.

The Wankhede stadium is like a fortress for Mumbai Indians where they have lost only match this season to Pune Supergiant.

For Mumbai, their batting has fired throughout the season and when skipper Rohit Sharma, Nitish Rana, Parthiv Patel, West Indian Kiron Pollard and Lendl Simmons fire in unison, it can send jitters to any bowling line up in the world.

With bowlers like Kiwi pacer Mitchell McClenghan, who has grabbed 17 wickets so far, Sri Lankan seamer Lasith Malinga, death specialist Jasprit Bumrah, Harbhajan and Pandya brothers, the side has potential to restrict any formidable batting line up and Punjab would be no exception.

On the other hand, Punjab who outplayed Kolkata Night Riders on Tuesday, will look to decimate the hosts to stay in the contention for play-offs and would be hoping that Sunrisers Hyderabad lose their final game.