Batsmen trying to go after slower bowlers
November 07, 2017  21:59

India 50-4 (6 ovs) vs New Zealand | Scorecard

Sodhi continues and starts with a wide. Pandey then smashes him over Santner at long on for a six!

Pandey trying to play and entertaining innings and is swinging his arms at everything.

Iyer now goes after the bowler and is caught by Guptill at long on. 

Iyer gone for 6.

Pandey chases the wide ball and lucky for him the ball falls just short of Guptill at mid-on.

Pandya gets off the mark with a single and India get to their 50.

Southee continues and Pandey drives the slower one through covers for a four.

The batsmen then do well to run the singles and twos and take off nine runs off the over.

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