Southee strikes
November 07, 2017  21:44

India 18-2 (3 ovs) vs New Zealand | Scorecard

Tim Southee is first change bowler and makes impact!

He sends Rohit and Dhawan back to the pavillion.

Santner does well to hold on to both difficult catches.

Kohli and Iyer get off the mark with singles.

Two wickets and four runs come off the over as Kohli plays the last ball of the over for a single down to the on side.

New Zealand on top of India here.

Santner starts off beautifully. He deceives Rohit totally.

Rohit then gets a couple behind square.

The batsman then gets a boundary straight down the ground and it beats the chasing mid-on fielder to run to the fence.

Rohit ends the over with a quick single.

Another 7 runs come off the over.
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