Mumbai bounce back with two quick wickets
April 12, 2018  22:36

Hyderabad 73-2 (8 ovs) vs Mumbai 147-8 | Scorecard

Dhawan still going great guns as he pulls a short ball from Mustafizur through square leg for a four.

Two balls later, he gets a lifeline as goes for a risky single to the covers and is lucky that the fielder misses the direct hit as he was struggling to make his crease.

Kane Williamson then opens the face of the bat and steers the next ball late, fine to the right of the wicketkeeper for a four.

He tries it again off the next ball but is beaten and Mumbai go up in appeal for caught behind but the umpire is not interested.

Mumbai have gone up for again as they take the DRS yet again.

And interestingly, Mumbai get another decision overturned using the review as Williamson walks back for six.
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