Pathan, Hooda put Sunrisers back on track
April 12, 2018  23:20

Hyderabad 133-5 (17 ovs) vs Mumbai 147-8 | Scorecard

Mustafizur bowls a tight over, giving away just three runs to bring the equation down to 24 needed from four overs for victory.

Cutting comes back as Hooda clips the first ball square on the leg side and comes back for a risky second run.

He puts in the dive at the last minute which just about saves him from the run out.

With run-a-ball needed, Sunrisers need to avoid risks and just play sensibly to score the required runs.

Three more singles before Pathan is beaten outside the off-stump but he makes up for it by clipping the last ball past short fine leg for a four.

Sunrisers in control now, with 15 needed from three overs for victory.
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