De Villiers stars with the bat
April 13, 2018  23:42

RCB 159-6 (19.3 ovs) vs KXIP 155 (19.2 ovs) Scorecard

RCB beat Kings XI Punjab by 4 wickets to end their 5-match losing streak at their home ground.

Sundar brings the winning runs with a four.

With 5 needed off the last over, it's pressure everywhere.

Mohit is given the last over to bowl.

Short ball and Sundar connects and that is a four down to third. Now just one needed off 5. 

Mohit then bowls a widish ball and Sundar fishes. The umpire refrains from calling it a wide.

1 off 4 balls needed.

Width ball and Sundar just whacks it through covers for a four. Those are the winning runs.

Mandeep is gone here with six needed off 8 deliveries.

RCB lose their fifth wicket.

Sundar is the new man in and he gets off the mark with a single.

Woakes is on strike and that a brilliant ball to end the over. Tye has Woakes fishing and with that dot ball RCB need 5 off the last over. 

Woakes is the new batsman in for De Villiers and he gets off the mark with a single.

Mandeep then plays the ball to deep mid-wwicket and the batsmen run hard for a couple.

Mandeep then played it to the leg side, called for 2, the throw from the deep was good and Mandeep is short of the crease. 

RCB need just 10 off two overs.

Tye comes back in the over.

Short and wide, De Villiers tries to look for that six over point, cuts hard and holes out to the man at deep point.

He goes for 57 off 40. It's a job well done.

Mohit Sharma comes back to bowl and Mandeep takes a single.

De Villiers picks the slower one and sends it over the long-on for a six! 

He gets to his fifty and now puts RCB in a winning position.

De Villiers then plays a couple and then gets a single.

Mandeep then takes a single.

De Villiers safely plays out the yorker to end the over with a single.

Mujeeb comes back into the attack 

Mandeep rocks back and just pulls it to mid-wicket for a four!

De Villiers then takes on the bowler, he just swings his arms and sends the ball over the deep for a six.

He then pulls the ball over deep mid-wicket for a consecutive sixes to possibly turn the game in RCB's favour.
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