Punjab dismissed inside twenty overs
April 13, 2018  21:53

KXIP 155 (19.2 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

RCB bowlers have done well here to dismiss Kings XI Punjab for just 155 within the twenty overs, especially after KL Rahul had gotten the visitors to a brisk start. 

All kudos to Umesh Yadav who started the rot for Punjab after he dismissed Agarwal, Finch and Yuvraj in the 4th over.

That opened the floodgates and despite Rahul and Nair's brief fightback, Punjab could never accelerate like they did early in the innings, losing wickets in clumps.

Captain Ashwin's rearguard took their score past the 150-mark but that is not going to be enough against a strong RCB batting line-up.

Woakes continues and starts with a wide.

Mohit then gets off the mark with a single to the on side.

Short ball, Majeeb then tries to hit the ball, gets nothing on it and is caught out for a duck.

With seven balls to go Majeeb is the last batsman in as Ashwin was the ninth wicket to fall.

Majeeb does well to start with a dot.

Chahal comes into the attack.

Ashwin gets a single to cover point.

Sharma then gets a single, Ashwin then plays the ball to mid-wicket for a couple.

Ashwin comes down the track and slaps the slower ball over long-off for 6!

Chahal now bowls it wide and quick, gets a little turn and Ashwin tries to go after him again but is 

stumped in the bargain. Third umpire says he is out and he is out for a well made 33 off 21. 

Mohit Sharma is the new batsman but the batsmen had crossed. Ashwin has strike. He takes a single off 

the last ball of the 18th over to keep strike.

Woakes comes back in to bat and Tye gets a single.

Ashwin then slams a shot over deep mid-off for a four.

He then tries to reverse sweep but then just manages to play it to backward point for a single.

The next ball is a wide.

Tye then frees his arms, up and under, gets the elevation but not the reach and is caught at long on. 

He goes for 7 and that's Punjab's 8th wicket down.

Umesh Yadav comes back into the attack but the batsmen keep the scorecard ticking and 8 runs come off 

the over.

Sundar continues as Andrew Tye is the new batsman in.

5 runs come off the over as a strategic timeout is called.

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