Punjab four down
April 13, 2018  21:07

KXIP 98-4 (12 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Marcus Stoinis is the new batsman in and he starts with a dot.

He then gets off the mark with a couple to cover.

Stonis then gets a single to long-on.

Nair then gets a single to short cover.

sundar continues and he takes out Rahul who plays a wreckless shot. 

Rahul goes after a ball that was not there to be hit, gets the top-edge and is caught at short-third man and he is gone for 47 off 30.

44 come off the last 5 overs.

Chahal continues and Nair sweeps it to deep square leg for a couple.

He then gets a single to deep square leg.

Rahul then tries the helicopter shot and gets couple to backward point.

After a single to Rahul, Nair reverse sweeps and gets a boundary down to third man.

Last ball is a dot and 10 runs come off that over.

Washington Sundar comes into the attack and Nair starts with a single.

Rahul then gets a single to mid-icket.

Nair then comes down the track but De Villiers gets a good slide in at the deep mid-wicket boundary to keep it down to only a single.

Just five runs come off the over.

Chahal continues and both batsmen are now happy to just keep the scorecard ticking with singles and twos.

After taking four singles, Rahul plays the ball fine and ends the over with a boundary. 8 runs come off the over as the umpire signals strategic timeout.
Woakes brought back into the attack and he starts with a dot.

Rahul then gets a single.

Nair then plays the ramp shot over the slip cordon for a four.

Woakes follows that up with a wide.

Nair then flicks the ball to deep mid-wicket for a couple.

He then gets a single to mid-wicket.

Rahul then flicks his wrist and it's a single to long on.
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