Bravo, Pant taken to the cleaners
April 30, 2018  23:19

DD 157-4 (17 ovs) vs CSK 211-4 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Bravo continues and Shankar gets a single to backward point.

Next ball's a dot.

Another short one and on the leg stump and Pant plays it down to fine leg for a boundary.

A dot next.

Pant then scoops it over the keeper for a single. Then a misfield allows them to steal a 2nd.

Last ball of the over, Pant plays the full toss over long-on for a boundary. 11 come off the over.

Asif comes back into the attack and Pant slaps him for a single to long on to get to 49.

Shankar then gets a single on the on side.

Pant gets to his 5th IPL fify after hitting it straight down the ground. Rayudu misfields and the ball gets to the boundary.

He then gets a couple.

Pant then sweeps, gets off balance and gets a four to fine leg. 

Short ball and Pant clips it over mid-wicket for a six as 18 come off the over.

Bravo comes into the attack.

Pant gets a single.

Shankar then picks up and lauches the ball straight over the bowlers' head for a six.

The batsmen then take a couple of singles.

Shankar then gets a single to long-on leaves the batsman frustrated.

Pant takes a single off the last ball of the over as timeout is called.

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