DD lose two wickets
April 30, 2018  22:30

DD 59-2 (6 ovs) vs CSK 211-4 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Munro's short burst has been ended by Asif and it looks like a long hard time is a ahead for DD having already lost two wickets inside the Powerplay.

Pant comes in to bat and gets off the mark with a six as Watson continues.

Pant now cuts it between backward point and short third man and it flies for a four.

He then takes a single to point.

Iyer then plays and misses.

He then gets a single to backward point. 

Pant then taps the ball to the off side to end the over with a single.

Asif comes back into the attack and Iyer starts with a single.

Munro then plays a dot.

Short and wide and Munro cuts it over point for a boundary.

Next one is superbly timed. Overpitched ball and Munro just plays it past the bowler for a four to long-off.

Next ball is a six!

Munro just plays it over third man for a six! 

Asif strikes! 

Short ball and Munro doesn't get a hold of it and is holed out at mid-wicket for 26. 

15 runs and a wicket come off the over.

Watson comes into the attack. 

The batsmen start with singles and twos.

Slower ball and Munro picks him well and pulls him over mid-wicket for a six.

A dot ball later, Munro comes down the track and sends the ball over long-on for a four. 
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