Delhi win toss, elect to bowl vs CSK
April 30, 2018  20:15

CSK 16-0 (3 ovs) vs DD Scorecard

Boult continues, wide ball and Du Plessis gets of the mark with a boundary as the outside edge flies down to third man.

He then plays a dot as he finds the fielder at cover.

He then gets a single to the leg side.

Watson then just places it past backward point to the third man boundary.

Watson then just plays and misses.

Last ball is a slow full toss and it's a dot to end the over.

Avish Khan comes into the attack at the other end and starts with a dot.

Nice carry as Du Plessis plays and misses! 

Another good ball as Du Plessis gets hit on the flap of the pad. 

Du Plessis now comes down the track and tries to smash it, only manages to slice it to point for another dot.

Ditto next ball. Short and wide but cannot get it past cover.

Last ball he plays it down to long on for a single as only one comes off the over.

Trent Boult to open the bowling for DD as Watson and Du Plessis open the batting for CSK.

Boult starts with a ripper! He gets the ball to swing in hits Watson below the roll and that is a shout for LBW. 

No says the umpire, Iyer asks for DRS. However, DD lose the review.

2nd ball, strayed on the bats and Watson clips it through his pads for a boundary to mid-wicket and he is off.

A dot ball later, Watson plays a single down to third man.

Du Plessis starts with a dot and then ends the over with a single to square leg as 6 come off the over.
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