Dhoni puts the finishes touches for CSK
April 30, 2018  21:48

CSK 211-4 (20 ovs) vs DD Scorecard

CSK make a mockery of Delhi' bowling to makes 211 for 4 in their 20 overs.

Watson (78), Dhoni (51 not out) and Rayudu (41) take 115 off the last 10 overs to go past the 200-run mark.

Jadeja is the new man in but Dhoni has the strike and plays the last ball of the innings to long-off for a couple as 13 runs and a wicket come off the over.

Boult comes in to bowl the final over. First ball is a dot.

Next ball wider and full, Rayudu gets a single to long-off.

Then a full toss and Dhoni just launches it into orbit and that is a six! 

Dhoni then gets into the ball and muscles it past the bowler for a four.

What a comedy of errors!

Dhoni goes after the ball, gets the edge and is dropped. Rayudu runs to the other end blindly while Dhoni stays his ground. Keeper Pant throws the ball quickly to Boult as he runs out Rayudu who was sent back by Dhoni.

Avesh comes back into the attack and Dhoni is put down in the deep by Munroe.

The batsmen take a single.

The next ball is a dot. Later Rayudu picks out the yorker and takes a single to mid-wiCket.

Dhoni then chips the ball to long-off for a single.

Another full ball and Rayudu can only manage to slice it to deep backward point for a single. 

Dot ball next and then Dhoni dispatches a full toss over deep square leg for a six!

11 come off the over.

Plunkett comes back into the attack. He is playing too straight and the batsmen are taking him to the cleaners.

Dhoni takes a single and then Rayudu plays it fine for a boundary.

After the batsmen pick a couple of single, Rayudu then just dances down the track and smacks the ball straight over the bowlers' head for a six.

He then gets a four off the last ball of the over.

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