Plunkett is smashed all over the park
April 30, 2018  20:33

CSK 56-0 (3 ovs) vs DD Scorecard

Avesh comes back into the attack and first is a dot.

Next ball is short, Watson pulls it, the ball flies and it goes the distance as the fifty comes off another 6.

A little straight and Watson plays it off his pads for a single to square leg.

Du Plessis then plays a dot.

He then comes down the track but pulls, swivels and sends the ball to the fine leg boundary.

Again 11 come off the over.

Plunkett comes into the attack and that is 2 dots.

Third ball is short and Watson pulls it over mid-wicket for the first six.

And another one! 

Right on the pads and Watson plays it over backward square leg for another six!

Watson then scampers through for a single.

Du Plessis then scoops the ball over fine leg for a six. 20 come off  the over.

Tewatia comes into the attack and the batsmen are happy to just rotate the strike and pick the singles and twos.

Du Plessis then makes room, waits on it and then smashes the ball over sweeper cover for a four.

He then tries to play on the off side again but manages to play it down to the on side for a couple as 9 come off the over.
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