Shankar, Maxwell get the breakthroughs
April 30, 2018  21:06

CSK 123-2 (13 ovs) vs DD Scorecard

Shankar continues and he cuts Rayudu into two as he plays and misses. 

And the batsman is beaten again! So close! 

Rayudu then comes down the track and smahes the ball over extra cover for a one bounce four.

Shankar then bowls a wide.

He then misjudges a shot and the ball thankfully falls short of the man at long-on. He takes a single.

Short and wide and Watson just dispatches it past backward point for a boundary.

Shankar then bowls a wide.

Again, short and wide and Watson plays it through covers for a boundary as 15 come off the over.

Rayudu is the new man in and gets off the mark with a single.

Watson then steals a couple on the on side after playing a dot.

He gets another single to square leg.

Rayudu then gets a single to long-off.

5 runs and a wicket come in the over.

Maxwell comes into the attack, he comes around the wicket to Raina and the batsman misses the ball as it crashes straight into the stumps.

Raina gone for 1 and CSK lose their 2nd wicket.

Vijay Shankar brought into the attack. 

Watson gets a single to deep cover.

Short ball and that is a no-ball, Du Plessis takes a single.

Free hi, Watson can't makes the most of it and gets a single to mid-off to get the team 100.

Du Plessis then plays and misses.

Du Plessis then plays the ball over cover for a couple.

Ball pitched up, Du Plessis mistimes and is caught in the deep by Boult. He is gone for 33 off 33.

New batsman Raina comes to the crease and is off the mark off the very first ball.

7 runs and a wicket come in the over.

Mishra continues and again only five singles come off the over.
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