Watson gone for 78
April 30, 2018  21:27

CSK 170-3 (17 ovs) vs DD Scorecard

Boult comes into the attack and Dhoni pulls it over square for a flat six!

He then smashes the ball over long-on for another six.

Short ball and Dhoni plays it down to deep square leg for a four.

Dhoni then gets a single to backward square leg.

Rayudu then gets to the pitch of the ball and gets a four to long-on.

Dot to end the over as 21 come off it.

Mishra continues and Dhoni gets a couple to fine leg, he scampers through for that second.

Dhoni then gets a single to long-on.

Rayudu then gets a single to deep mid-wicket.

Dhoni then picks out the googly, dances down the wicket and smashes it over long-off for a six.

Dot to end the over.

Avesh comes into the attack Dhoni gets a single.

Rayudu then gets a single.

Dhoni then scampers through for another single.

Rayudu then gets a couple.

A short ball and Rayudu miscurs the shot, ball falls in no man's land and he gets a single.

A dot to end the over as 6 runs come off the over.

Dhoni comes in to bat and gets off the mark with a single as 8 runs and a wicket come in the over.

Mishra comes back into the attack and Rayudu starts with a boundary to fine leg.

Rayudu and Watson then take 3 singles and Watson is back on strike.

Mishra drops the quicker one and Watson tries to go after him but holes out to the man at long-off. The batsman walks back for a well-made 78 off 40 balls.

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