4th Test: England outclass India to seal series
September 02, 2018  21:52

India 184-all out (69.4 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

Ashwin shows his capability with the bat as he steers a wide delivery from Stokes square on the off-side for a four, placing it perfectly in the gap between the two fielders in the deep.

He tries a bouncer as Ashwin goes for the pull but is beaten before he takes one to thirdman for a single, leaving lastman Jasprit Bumrah with just two deliveries to face, who does well to play it out.

The final drinks break of the match as India have a lot of ponder about.

Moeen continues after the drinks break as he continues to give it flight and pitch it in the rough outside the off-stump.

Ashwin keeps out the first four balls before he shuffles across and sweeps Moeen over square leg for a four. He tries to sweep the last ball fine but gets it off the cue end as it loops on the leg side but the short midwicket fielder is unable to get to it despite the dive forward.

Sam Curran comes into the attack and he is bowling from round the wicket. He starts with a wide delivery which Bumrah is happy to let go.

Curran looking to bowl it close to the stumps and move it away but so far he struggles to get it right as Bumrah is able to see off the over without any problems.

Out comes the reverse sweep from Ashwin as Moeen bowls it quite slow and he somehow manages to steer it past point for a couple. Ashwin then comes the track to the fifth ball and lofts it straight down the ground for a six before keeping strike with a risky single from the last ball.

Curran finishes off the match as he traps Ashwin leg before wicket with a full delivery as the right-hander plays all over it but is hit right in front of the stumps.
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