India 9 down; England set for series win
September 02, 2018  21:27

India 166-9 (65 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

Shami not holding back as he swings Moeen over the leg side as it falls short of deep midwicket to fetch him a single.

In the next over, he gives Stokes the charge and has another wild swing but fails to make connection before he takes a single off the fifth ball.

Shami keeps trying as he lofts Moeen straight down the ground but fails to make proper connection for two runs to long-on. He has another big swing and this time he holes out to Anderson at long-on to be dismissed for eight.

England just one wicket away from victory!

Ashwin decides to take matters into his own hands. He gives Moeen the charge and chips him over midwicket for a couple as Bairstow does well with the sliding stop close to the boundary.

He steers the last ball past Stokes at slip and only takes a single to retain strike as Stokes casually runs behind it.
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