Kohli hits half-century to boost India
September 02, 2018  19:45

India 112-3 (46 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

England will rue having wasted their reviews so early in their innings. Anderson gets the ball to reverse and jag in sharply as Rahane goes for the flick but misses and hit on the pads but the LBW appeal is turned down.

But the decision would not have stood anyways as the ball was coming in sharply and might have missed the leg stump as per the ball tracker.

England trying to work up Kohli as Broad sends in a throw from mid-on in his direction and the India captain is not at all impressed.

Four men inside the circle but Kohli is still able to tap the last ball into the covers and run across for one.

Moeen comes back and immediately gets one to kick off length as Kohli is hit on the gloves but it falls safely on the leg side.

A single to Kohli in the covers off the third ball before Rahane goes back and defends a sharp turning delivery.

In the next over, Anderson gets some extra bounce as Kohli is beaten outside the off-stump before the India captain clips the fifth ball through square leg to bring up his fifty, from 114 balls.
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