Pujara and Rahul perish; India in trouble
September 02, 2018  16:34

India 17-2 (7 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

Pujara picks a single off the first ball before Anderson raps Dhawan on the pads with the incoming delivery. This is a huge shout from the England team but the umpire is not interested.

Captain Root has a huge chat with the bowler Anderson, who seems unsure and they decide against the review. Anyways, even if they had taken it, they wouldn't have lost the review as the ball was clipping the leg stump and it would have stayed with umpire's call.

Dhawan steers the fifth ball to thirdman for a single and Pujara picks another run off the last ball.

Pujara nearly chases a wide delivery from Broad which moves away before he withdraws with bat at the last minute. The last ball is on the pads as Pujara clips it square on the leg side for two runs.

Anderson moving the ball both ways which forces Dhawan to poke at a wide away going delivery, as it beats the bat. He steers a full wide delivery past the slips for three runs as the fielder does well to stop the ball just inside the ropes.

The last ball comes in sharply as Pujara is given out leg before wicket, who decides to review after consulting his partner Dhawan.

The ball nipped to beat the defensive stroke from Pujara, but the impact is a bit high. But the ball is clipping the top of the stumps which means it stays with the umpire's call and Pujara has to walk back for five.

The only positive for India is that they don't lose their review but they have lost one of the batting mainstays in Pujara.

India in trouble on 17 for two with the onus again on captain Kohli to play a match-winning knock.
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