Tue, 18 September 2018
Asia Cup: Hong Kong lose two quick wickets

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23:56   Asia Cup: Hong Kong lose two quick wickets

Hong Kong 174-2 (35.4 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Babar Hayat is the new batsman. Finds it difficult to read Kuldeep.  

Khaleel continues and bags Nizakat's wicket. He is out LBW for 92 (115). Nizakat reviews but in vain. India back into the game.
23:49   Asia Cup: Kuldeep gives India breakthrough

Hong Kong 174-1 (35 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Hong Kong are cruising. Khaleel is back into the attack. Nizakat Khan into the 90s. Seven from that over for Hong Kong. Excellent over.  

Kuldeep strikes! Captain Rath is caught by Rohit Sharma and goes for 73 off 97 balls.

Hong Kong 167-0 (33 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Chahal comes into attack and gives three runs. No wickets in sight. 

Drink are called. 

Can India think of a strategy to get a wicket? 

Hong Kong require 119 runs to win. They have 10 wickets in hand and 17 overs remaining.
23:31   Asia Cup: Hong Kong in control; India must get a wicket

Hong Kong 164-0 (32 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) |Scorecard

Thakur comes into attack and proves expensive yet again.13 from that over. Both Nizakat and Rath score four runs each.

Jadhav to Nizakat and he hits it out for six runs. Single to finish that over.
23:18   Asia Cup: 50 comes up for Hong Kong skipper Rath

Hong Kong 139-0 (29 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Change in bowling attack. Kumar comes in. Can he give India a breakthrough? There's the captain Rath's 50. He is on 51 off 78 balls.

Hong Kong 135-0 (28 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Jadhav to continue.  Bowls very tight. Just one off that over. 

Kuldeep comes in and gives away two singles. Pressure on Indian bowlers.
23:05   Asia Cup: Nizakat, Rath steady Hong Kong

Hong Kong 119-0 (22 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Kedar Jadhav is brought into attack. India trying all their options. No one can stop these Hong Kong openers from scoring today. Runs are flowing in easily. 

But Rath's starting to struggle with cramp.
23:04   Asia Cup: Hong Kong in control; India must get a wicket

Hong Kong 130-0 (25 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Jadhav to continue.  Just two off that over. 

Kuldeep also does well not to leak too many runs now. But wickets are missing.  

Nizakat is struggling. Looks like some injury and not willing to give up.
22:39   Asia Cup: 100 runs come up for Hong Kong

Hong Kong 101-0 (18 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Nizakat Khan is on fire. He knows where the fielders are and playing well into the gaps. He is punishing the bowlers for a poor delivery. Clever batting there. 100 runs come up for Hong Kong.
22:31   Asia Cup: Nizakat, Rath steady Hong Kong

Hong Kong 91-0 (16 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Kuldeep Yadav is brought into attack now. Just three off that over.  

Chahal drops a simple low catch of Anshuman Rath. 

The next over Nizakat fails to pick Kuldeep's googly. India appeal but not out given. India reviews but lose it. 

India must get a wicket here now.
22:15   Asia Cup: 50 comes up for Nizakat Khan
Hong Kong 77-0 (12 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

The 10th over started with lot of gusto for India. Chance for a run out. Dhoni seems confident but the batsman is home safe. 

After Nizakat Khan, Rath unleashes his wrath on the Indian bowlers.

Chahal comes into attack now. Will he manage to get wickets? Four singles off his first over.  

Thakur is punished again. 3 no balls in the 12th over. Nizakat Khan's fifty runs comes off with a six. Scores half century in style. Khan is on 52 off 48 balls.

India 285-7 (50 ovs) vs Hong Kong 47-0 (9 ovs) | Scorecard 

Hong Kong openers have punished both Kumar and Khaleel.  Runs are coming to easily for them at the moment.

Shardul Thakur, right-arm fast medium brought into the attack. But no wickets. 

India 285-7 (50 ovs) vs Hong Kong 19-0 (5 ovs) | Scorecard 

Khaleel Ahmed is hit for two boundaries. Lovely shots from Nizakat,
21:33   Asia Cup: Hong Kong off to a good start

India 285-7 (50 ovs) vs Hong Kong 6-0 (2 ovs) | Scorecard

Will Hong Kong manage to chase? Let's watch out. 

Nizakat Khan and skipper Anshuman Rath are out to bat. Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the Indian attack. Kumar's first ball is sent for four runs. Just one more single from that first over. 

Debutant Khaleel Ahmed shares new ball duties with Kumar. What an over from the new bowler. Just one run off that over.
21:20   Asia Cup: Dhawan scores ton as India manage 285-7
Shikhar Dhawan struck a hundred in familiar surroundings of white ball cricket on a flat deck as India scored 285 for seven against Hong Kong in their Asia Cup group league opener on Tuesday. 

Left-handed Dhawan, who had a horrendous tour of England due to serious technical deficiency on seaming tracks, cashed in on the chance against a weaker opposition on a low and slow continental pitch, smashing 127 off 120 balls. 

Dhawan hit as many as 15 boundaries and two sixes en route his 14th ODI century but the slowness of the track meant that India failed to cross the 300-run mark against the minnows. 

Together with comeback man Ambati Rayudu (60), Dhawan stitched 116 runs for the second wicket off 130 deliveries, to lay the foundation for India's total after the early dismissal of skipper Rohit Sharma (23).
20:47   Asia Cup: Dhawans ton helps India set 285 target for Hong Kong

India 284-7 (50 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

End of Shardul Thakur's innings. Goes for a duck. Carter takes a good catch at long off.  

Good bowling from Hong Kong. India was expected to cross 300 but they did not let that happen.
20:40   Asia Cup: India lose sixth wicket

India 277-6 (49 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

Shah strikes again. Bags his third wicket in the form of Kumar.  Anshuman Rath takes a good catch. Kumar gone for 9 off 18 balls.  

Shardul Thakur walks in to bat.
India 271-5 (47 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

Kedar Jadhav sends Ehsan Nawaz's last delivery for a huge six. Much needed runs for India.
India 253-5 (44 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Not a perfect start for Dhoni's Asia Cup campaign. He is under a little bit of pressure to perform. 

Kedar Jadhav and Bhuvneshwar Kumar keep the runs flowing in singles.
India 248-4 (42.2 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Dinesh Karthik gone for 33 off 38 balls. Shah strikes again! Good catch from Babar Hayat.

India suffering a collapse. Good over for Hong Kong.
20:11   Asia Cup: India lose quick wickets

India 242-4 (41.3 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Ehsan Khan to Dhoni, WICKET! Big wicket! Caught by McKechnie.
Dhoni's gone for a duck.
20:07   Asia Cup: India lose Dhawan

India 240-3 (40.4 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Shah to Dhawan. OUT! Dhawan is caught by Tanvir Afzal. Dhawan gone for 127 off 120 runs. 

Dhoni walks out to bat.

India 224-2 (40 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Dhawan is going for the big shots now. After hitting a boundary in the 37th over he sent a HUGE six straight in the stands in the next over. 

Dhawan reverse sweeps Ehsan Khan delivery. It is reviewed. Huge appeal for lbw, but not given.  

Dhawan continues to get cracking and dances down to hit Shah for four runs.
19:45   Asia Cup: Dhawan runs his way to a hundred

India 198-2 (36 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

Dhawan is in no mood to slow down. With a boundary he races to 94 off 99 balls. He has paced his innings beautifully. 

Dhawan steals a single off Shah to score his century. His 100 comes off 105 balls.

India 178-2 (33 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

20 more overs to go and India will be looking to hit 300 plus runs. Drinks are called in.  

After drinks Dhawan seems to be in a hurry to rush towards his century. He hits two fours off Ehsan Nawaz over. 10 came off that over.

India 176-2 after 32 overs. Dhawan reaches the nervous 90s. Will he slow down?

India 163-2 (30 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Dinesh Karthik gets off the mark with a single.  

Ehsan Nawaz gives away two runs from that over and bags Rayudu's wicket. Decent over for Hong Kong. Just as it was looking easy for India, Rayudu lost his wicket.
19:14   Asia Cup: India lose Rayudu

Rayudu clears midwicket to hit Nadeem Ahmed for six runs! Three more runs were also amassed from that over. India 161-1  

Ehsan Nawaz  bags Rayudu's wicket! Wicket-keeper Scott McKechnie takes a clean catch. Rayudu is gone for 60 off 70 balls. India 161-2.
19:08   Asia Cup: 50 comes up for Rayudu

India 152-1 (28 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Rayudu scored his second four. Three singles collected off the remaining deliveries, with seven coming off the over. Four singles from the over from Nadeem Ahmed.  

Dhawan gets a single off Aizaz delivery and 100 partnership for Dhawan and Rayudu. 

Rayudu hits a boundary and scores his half century.
18:55   Asia Cup: Dhawan, Rayudu steady ship

India 135-1 (25 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

Dhawan and Rayudu try to keep the scoreboard ticking steadily. Three runs from that Nadeem Ahmed over.  

The two are looking to build partnership. Three singles off that over from Aizaz Khan. Decent over.  

Rayudu attempts to sweep and there is an appeal for LBW. It was close! Four from that over. 
India 124-1 (22 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

After a sluggish start, Rayudu joins the party. He is hitting some big runs out there.

Runs flowing in from Dhawan. Seven for him from Afzal's over.
18:32   Asia Cup: 50 comes up for Dhawan
India 109-1 (20 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard

Dhawan sends the ball to the ropes after finding some gaps. Seven off that over from Ehsan Khan. First drinks break is called. 

After the drinks, just 1 run from Ahmed over. Five singles collected off Ehsan's sixth over. 

Nizakat replaces E Khan in the attack. Comfortable two for Dhawan to bring up his fifty runs. He smashes another ball for four runs and that brings up India's 100 runs too. Rayudu hits six to end the over.

India 77-1 (15 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Nadeem Ahmed gives away just two runs off the 15th over.  Dhawan and Rayudu try to keep the scoreboard ticking steadily.
18:05   Asia Cup: Dhawan, Rayudu steady ship

India 70-1 (13 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Another eight runs from the over. Dhawan hits A Khan for four runs. 64-1.

The batsmen scoring just singles form that over. 68-1.  

Just two from the 13th over. Run rate coming down.

India 56-1 (10 ovs) vs Hong Kong | Scorecard 

Aizaz Khan in attack and Rayudu gets to scoring runs. Three off that over. 48-1 

Eight runs off that over from Khan. Dhawan hits two consecutive boundaries. 
17:40   Asia Cup: India lose early wicket

Another change in attack. Ehsan Khan gets the ball now. And he gets the big wicket of Rohit Sharma. Catch taken at mid-off by Nizakat Khan. He is gone for 23. India 45-1.

7 overs, India 44-0  (Dhawan 20 (22); Sharma 23 (20)) 

Four dot balls and with a beautiful timing Dhawan sends Nawaz's delivery for four runs. No stopping Dhawan here. Another four runs. At the end of 6 overs 42-0.  

The next over Aizaz Khan gets the ball and he tries to stop the run flow. Just two off that over. 44-0

5 overs, India 34-0  

Four dot balls and Sharma slaps Nawaz's next delivery for four runs. 21-0 at the end of the fourth over. 

Afzal in attack now. Dhawan faces him and sends the ball to the ropes. Sharma lofts it over mid-on and sends the ball to the ropes. Sharma ends the over with a boundary. 13 runs in the over. 34-0
17:17   Asia Cup: India off to a good start

3 overs, India 17-0  

Skipper Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to bat. Tanwir Afzal to Sharma and the Indian skipper is off to scoring the first run. Sharma sends the fourth ball of the over to the ropes. End of first over India 7-0.

Sharma faces Ehsan Nawaz in the second over and runs look to come easy. 13-0 at the end of second over.  

Dhawan was kept quite for some time and in the third over sends Afzal's first ball for four runs.
16:52   Hong Kong elect to bowl; Khaleel debuts for India

Hong Kong captain Anshuman Rath has won the toss and elected to bowl against India in the fourth match of the 2018 Asia Cup.

Left-arm pacer Khaleel Ahmed will make his debut for India, who have brought in Ambati Rayudu, while KL Rahul has been kept out.

All-rounder Kedar Jadhav, who has recovered from his injury, also makes a comeback and so does Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Check out the playing XIs:

India: Rohit Sharma (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni (w/k), Kedar Jadhav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal, Khaleel Ahmed.

Hong Kong: Anshuman Rath (captain), Nizakat Khan, Babar Hayat, Christopher Carter, Kinchit Shah, Ehsan Khan, Aizaz Khan, Scott McKechnie (w/k), Tanwir Afzal, Ehsan Nawaz, Nadeem Ahmed
16:37   Hong Kong wins the toss and will bowl first

Hong Kong have won the toss and will bowl first against Team India. 

Virat Kohli sent out his wishes to the Men in Blue as they begin their Asia Cup title defence.
16:20   Asia Cup: Will India get their combination right against Hong Kong?

A formidable India will be aiming to make short work of minnows Hong Kong in their Asia Cup opener on Tuesday before getting battle-ready for their much-anticipated clash against arch-rivals Pakistan.

Even without regular captain Virat Kohli, the Indian side, led by Rohit Sharma, is an intimidating one in the limited-overs format.  

Although Rohit and his colleagues won't want to take Hong Kong lightly, in reality the match will only be a pre-cursor or a glorified dress rehearsal before they take on an in-form Pakistan on Wednesday. 

In the searing Dubai heat, where the mercury has risen up to 43 degree Celsius, the primary aim for the Men in Blue would be to get their combination right before the big game.