Wed, 19 September 2018
Asia Cup: Dominant India crush Pakistan by 8 wickets

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23:23   Dominant India crush Pakistan by 8 wickets

India 164-2 (29 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Kedar Jadhav claimed three wickets each followed by Rohit Sharma's quickfire half-century as India registered a comprehensive eight-wicket victory against Pakistan in the Asia Cup, in Dubai on Wednesday.

Electing to bat, Pakistan were bowled out for 162 in 43.1 overs with Bhuvneshwar claiming three for 15 and Jadhav taking three for 23.

With the bat, India were never really challenged as captain Rohit led the way with a blistering knock of 52 from 39 balls.

He laid the foundation for India's victory, putting on 86 runs for the opening wicket with Shikhar Dhawan, who stroked 46.

Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik were unbeaten on 31 each as India cruised to 164 for two in 29 overs, to win by eight wickets with 21 overs to spare, to register their biggest victory against Pakistan in ODIs in terms of balls remaining.

India's next match will be against Bangladesh in the Super Four Stage on Friday, September 21 at 1700 IST.
23:06   Dominant India crush Pakistan by 8 wickets

India 164-2 (29 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Quite a long spell for Zaman as Pakistan also looking to give their part-time spinner some much-needed practice with the ball.

A single to Rayudu before Karthik cuts a short ball from Zaman to deep point for two runs.

Another part-time spinner Shoaib Malik comes in from the other end. Three singles from the first three balls before Karthik sweeps the off-spinner fine on the leg side for a four.

Two more singles as nine come from the over with the target coming down to 14 runs.

Rayudu wants to finish off things now as he gives Zaman the charge and lofts it over the covers for a four. He repeats the shot off the last ball but only for a single to sweeper cover as India go past the 150-run mark, in the 28th over.

In the next over, Karthik sweeps Malik for a four and then takes a single.

Rayudu finishes off things in style as he pulls a short ball from Malik through the leg side for a boundary.

India storm to victory by eight wickets with 21 overs to spare.
22:52   India close in on easy victory vs Pakistan

India 137-2 (25 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Three singles off the first three balls before Rayudu slashes a wide ball from Faheem past point for a four followed by a single to get eight from the over.

Part-time spinner Zaman sends down a tight over giving away just a single in his third over.

Amir comes back into the attack and he sends down a tidy over, conceding just two runs in the 23rd over.

Another quiet over from Zaman as he concedes just three singles. Infact, the last ball was short but Karthik was unable to make most, pulling it to deep square leg for just a single.

The pace has gone down quite a bit with India's batsmen content to play cautiously, while Pakistan are just looking to keep things tidy.

Just 16 runs scored the last five overs as India reach 137 for two in 25 overs, needing another 26 runs for victory.
22:32   Rohit slams fifty; India set for easy win vs Pak

India 121-2 (20 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Part-timer Zaman continues as Rayudu takes a single from the first delivery. The next ball is a half-tracker as Karthik rocks back and pulls it over midwicket for a six and takes one off the fifth ball.

Rayudu and Karthik will be looking to bat as long as possible and get some useful batting practice out in the middle.

With spinner Shadab going back into the dressing room with some injury, Pakistan's bowling lacking the edge in the middle overs.

Three singles off Zaman's second over as India cruise to 121 for two in 20 overs.
22:23   Dhawan out for 46; India lose 2nd wicket

India 106-2 (17 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Faheem bowls a poor delivery, down the leg side as Dhawan glances it fine for a boundary.

But against the run of play, Pakistan get the wicket of Dhawan, who tries to cut Faheem but is caught at point for 46.

Dinesh Karthik gets off the mark with a single to thirdman and Rayudu does the same off the last ball.
22:16   India race to 100; set for easy win vs Pak

India 100-1 (16 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Any bit of width and Dhawan is quick to pounce. Hasan drops short and also goes a bit wide as Dhawan crashes it past point for a four and then takes a single to take his score into the 40s followed by a single each to the two batsmen.

Another injury pull out in the game as Pakistan leggie Shadab pulls out with some back injury and goes back into the dressing room.

Shadab struck with his very first delivery with the wicket of Rohit, but has to retire with injury after bowling just 1.3 overs.

Fakhar Zaman will take over the unfinished over as he gives away two singles in the remaining three deliveries as India race to 100 for one in 16 overs.

22:07   Rohit out for 39-ball 52; India lose 1st wicket

India 92-1 (14 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Shadab Khan comes into the attack. He strikes with his very first delivery with the key wicket of Rohit, who is beaten by the googly and bowled for a quickfire 52 from 39 balls.

Ambati Rayudu gets off the mark with a single to long-off.

Dhawan then slaps a full delivery through the covers for a splendid boundary and keeps strike with a single from the last ball.
21:59   Rohit blasts 36-ball fifty; India in control

India 86-0 (13 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Hasan tries a short ball to Dhawan, who rocks back and swats it over the leg side, clearing the fielder at deep square leg for a six and then takes one to thirdman.

Faheem starts his next over with a no-ball as he oversteps. Dhawan is unable to take advantage of the free hit as he smashes it powerfully but can't beat the fielder at mid-off.

But two balls later, he flicks it off his pads over midwicket for a four as India continue their quickfire start.

Pakistan's pacers are proving to be too predictable at the moment. Hasan drops it short as Rohit pulls it off his front foot for a six over square leg and then takes one to thirdman and Dhawan takes one off the next ball.

Rohit in full flow as lofts a full delivery from Hasan over mid-off for a four to race to his fifty, from just 36 balls.

13 runs from the over as India reach 86 for no loss in 13 overs, needing another 77 runs for victory.
21:46   Rohit, Dhawan give India a good start

India 58-0 (10 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Pakistan are desperate for a breakthrough as Hasan Ali comes into the attack, to replace Amir.

Dhawan turns the second ball on the leg side for one before Rohit again pulls a short ball over midwicket for a four as India race past the 50-run mark, in the ninth over.

Double change for Pakistan as Faheem Ashraf comes in from the other end to replace Usman.

A single to Rohit to thirdman off the first ball before Dhawan smashes a wide delivery past point for a four.

India comfortably placed on 58 for no loss in 10 overs, with Rohit on 38 from 30 balls and Dhawan on 18 from 31 balls.

They need another 105 runs from 40 overs for victory at just over two runs per over.
21:36   Rohit, Dhawan give India a good start

India 46-0 (8 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

Amir looking to emulate the Indian pacers and keep things tight with the new ball and build up some pressure.

But Dhawan knows India have a lot of time in hand as he watchfully plays out a maiden over from Amir.

Usman also follows it up with another quiet over, giving away just two singles.

Rohit breaks the shackles with back to back fours off Amir. A slightly short ball is cut past point before Rohit drills the next perfectly in the gap through the covers for successive boundaries.

A single to Rohit off the last ball makes it 10 runs from the over.

He then takes on Usman in the following over with a couple of sixes and a four.

Usman tries a short ball as Rohit goes for the pull but gets a top edge which goes over the fine leg fence for a six.

He tries another short ball as Rohit, who is waiting on the backfoot, pulls it past short fine leg for a four. And to Pakistan's horror Usman has overstepped to give away a free hit.

Usman again tries the short ball as Rohit despatches the free hit delivery over midwicket for another six.

19 runs from the over as India race to 46 for no loss after eight overs, with Rohit on 32 and Dhawan on 13.
21:12   India off to a steady start after Pak post 162

India 15-0 (4 ovs) vs Pak 162 | Scorecard

India's two openers -- Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan -- stride out to the middle as they chase a lowly 163 for victory.

For Pakistan, opening bowler Mohammad Amir will be aiming to pick up a few early wickets with the new ball.

Rohit turns the first ball on the leg side for a single to get off the mark and Dhawan clips the third ball to fine leg for his first run before his skipper defends the rest of the over.

Left-arm pacers from both ends as Usman Khan is called into the attack from the other end.

Dhawan runs the first ball down to thirdman for one before Rohit gets a big inside edge which narrowly misses the stumps and goes fine on the leg side for a four.

Usman gets one to slant across Rohit, who has a poke and is beaten before he defends the last ball.

In the next over, the in-form Dhawan slaps a full wide delivery for a four and then clips the next ball through midwicket for three runs.

Dhawan tries to cut a short ball from Usman but it stays a bit low to beat the left-hander before he defends the next right off the middle on to the covers.

After five dot balls in a row, Dhawan guides the last ball to thirdman for a single as India reach 15 for no loss in four overs.
20:14   India send Pakistan crashing for 162

Pak 162-all out (43.1 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Kedar Jadhav picked up three wickets each to send Pakistan crashing for a lowly 162 in the Group A match of the Asia Cup in Dubai on Wednesday.

Electing to bat, Pakistan kept losing wickets at regular intervals with only Shoaib Malik (43) and Babar Azam (47) able to keep the Indian bowlers as the duo put on 82 runs for the third wicket to add some respectability to the total.

Bhuvneshwar rocked Pakistan early as he sent back both openers Imam-Ul-Haq (2) and Fakhar Zaman (0) in his first two overs. He got the wicket of Hasan Ali in the final over to claim three for 15 in seven overs.

Jadhav triggered Pakistan's collapse in the middle overs as he registered wonderful figures of three for 23 in nine overs, while Jasprit Bumrah claimed two for 23.

Pakistan and India have both qualified for the Super Four stage from Group A after both beat Hong Kong in their opening matches.
20:09   India send Pakistan crashing for 162

Pak 162-all out (43.1 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Hasan Ali also gifts his wicket away as he looks to loft Bhuvneshwar down the ground but is deceived by the change of pace and is caught by Karthik at mid-on.

Hasan perishes for one as Pakistan slip for 160 for nine, in the 43rd over, and looking in danger of being bowled out well before their quota of 50 overs.

Amir guides the third ball from Bhuvi to thirdman for a couple of runs before he plays out the rest of the over.

Bumrah ends the innings in his trademark style, as he cleans up lastman Usman Khan with a deadly yorker, which crashes into the base of the stumps.

Pakistan are bowled out for a lowly 162 in 43.1 overs.
20:01   Faheem out for 21; Pakistan 8 down

Pak 160-8 (42 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Three runs off Jadhav's ninth over as Pakistan struggle past the 150-run mark, in the 39th over.

Kuldeep comes back into the attack. A single to Amir before Kuldeep nearly cleans up Faheem with a full delivery which takes the outside edge but stays low and beats Dhoni for a four.

Kuldeep gets one to turn as Faheem is beaten outside the off-stump before he slaps the last ball to deep point for one.

The last 10 overs remaining as India bring back their fast bowlers. Bhuvneshwar comes back and has a huge shout for leg before turned down against Faheem, with the impact looking too high.

He does well to give away just a leg bye from the last ball of the over.

Bumrah comes back and he strikes with the first ball of his new spell. Faheem chances his arm but is foxed by the slower ball and is caught by Dhawan in the deep on the leg side for 21.

Amir picks a single off the next ball and new batsman Hasan Ali also gets off the mark with one.

19:44   Jadhav leaves Pakistan in a mess

Pak 148-7 (38 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Jadhav, who has wonderful figures of three for 13 in six overs, might bowl his full quota of 10 overs.

Ashraf picks a single off the second ball and captain Rohit Sharma feels confident to place a fielder at slip for Jadhav against Amir.

The left-hander plays the slog sweep to deep midwicket for one and Faheem picks one from the next.

Amir takes a single from the last ball to make it four runs from the over.

Chahal comes back and he bowls a no-ball but closer look at the replays suggest that the leg-spinner was unlucky to be called as the front foot was clearly behind the front crease.

But no damage for India as Amir lofts the free hit ball but is caught at long-on and gets just one.

Faheem is dropped Chahal on his follow through as he miscues one straight back but the leg-spinner is unable to hold on.

Jadhav rushes through another quick over, giving away just three singles.

The pressure builds as Amir looks to break free. He attempts the slog sweep but spoons it high on the leg side as Dhawan rushes in from deep midwicket but is unable to to get to the ball.

Faheem lofts the fourth ball over the covers for a much-needed boundary for Pakistan, in the 38th over.
19:31   Jadhav claims 3rd wicket; Pakistan 7 down

Pak 130-7 (34 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Jadhav continues his wicket ways as he dismisses Shadab for eight. The right-hander goes for the inside out lofted shot but is beaten as he drags his feet out of the crease and Dhoni completes an easy stumping, to reduce Pakistan to 121 for seven in 33 overs.

Faheem plays a nice drive through the covers off Bumrah for a four despite the dive from Rayudu.

Mohammad Amir throws his bat a wide full delivery and gets the edge but the fielder at slip is quite wide as the ball goes through the gap for a four.
19:21   Pakistan lose 6th wicket; India in control

Pak 119-6 (32 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Asif shows his big-hitting prowess as he carts Kuldeep over long-on for a six. Four more singles from the rest over makes it 10 runs from the spinner's sixth over.

The wickets keep tumbling for Pakistan. Jadhav strikes again as he gets Asif caught behind for nine.

Faheem Ashraf plays out the rest of the over as Jadhav registers a wicket maiden with Pakistan slipping to 110 for six in 29 overs.

Part-timer Jadhav has superb figures of two for seven in four overs.

Kuldeep continues from the other end as India continue to attack the Pakistan lower order.

Shadab Khan drives Kuldeep down to long-off for one before Faheem drills the last ball through the covers for a couple as Pakistan struggle to 113 for six in 30 overs.

Jadhav continues as Shadab and Faheem pick a single each before the former hits the last ball through the covers for two runs.

India continue their hunt for wickets as Bumrah comes back into the attack, replacing Kuldeep, who still has three overs in hand.

Bumrah from round the wicket has a huge appeal for leg before wicket turned down against Faheem. India take the DRS but the impact is high and the ball is missing the stumps which means India end up losing their review.
19:03   Malik run out for 43; Pakistan in trouble

Pak 100-5 (27 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Kuldeep bowls another tight over, with five dot balls in a row to Malik, who keep strike with just one from the last ball.

Pakistan will be looking for a cameo from big-hitter Asif Ali, who has a strike rate of 180 in seven ODIs.

India have taken control, picking up two wickets for 12 runs in the last five overs.

Jadhav continues as Malik picks one to long-on before Asif gets a thick outside edge to short thirdman for one.

Malik runs the third ball down to the same region for one to bring up Pakistan's 100, in the 27th over.

India's brilliant in the field produces another wicket. Malik is run out by a direct hit from Ambati Rayudu at point after he charges down the wicket from the non-striker end looking for a quick run but is sent back halfway down by Asif.

Pakistan have lost three wickets for 15 runs to be reduced to 100 for five in 27 overs.
An update from BCCI on Hardik Pandya, who was stretched off the field with injury:

"Hardik Pandya has an acute lower back injury. He is able to stand at the moment and the medical team is assessing him now. More updates as and when there is one. Manish Pandey is on the field as his substitute," said a BCCI spokesperson.
18:55   Sarfraz out for 6; Pakistan 4 down

Pak 96-4 (25 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Part-time off-spinner Kedar Jadhav comes into the attack. He makes a good start to his spell giving away just one run in his first over. He starts with five dot balls in a row to Sarfraz, who avoids the maiden over with a single off the last ball to deep square leg.

The pressure built by India's spinners in the last couple of overs nearly pays off.

Malik chips down the track to Kuldeep and has a wild swing but Bhuvneshwar at deep midwicket comes charging in and over runs the ball to miss an easy catch.

Another reprieve Malik, 37, as Bhuvi fails to take what would have been a simple chance.

Actually Kuldeep had already started celebrating and the batsman was making his way back before the catch was dropped!

But substitute Manish Pandey takes an unbelievable catch in the next over to send back Sarfraz.

The Pakistan captain plays the slog sweep but fails to get the distance as Pandey running to his right at long-on takes the catch but the momentum takes him over the ropes. However, he shows good presence of mind to flick the ball in before he steps over and he comes back in again to complete a stunning catch.

Two quick wickets as Pakistan are reduced to 96 for four in 25 overs at the halfway stage.

Malik, who got two lifelines, is batting on 40 from 59 balls.
18:43   Kuldeep strikes; Azam out for 47

Pak 86-3 (22 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

India looking to keep the runs down with some tight overs in the middle as Chahal bowls another quiet over, giving away just three runs, including a leg bye.

With Pandya out injured, Kuldeep comes into the attack from the other end. Pakistan continue to keep the scoreboard ticking as they pick four singles from Kuldeep's second over, to take the score to 80 for two in 20 overs.

Azam has stroked his way to 43, while Malik has made 34 with the third wicket partnership growing to 77 runs.

Kuldeep makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Azam, who is bowled after a fluent 47. The right-hander chips down the track and tries to hit Kuldeep through the leg side expecting the ball to turn in but the spinner deceives him with the googly which goes spin past the outside the edge and bowls him. Terrific bowling from Kuldeep!

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed gets off the mark with a single as he sweeps the first ball he faces from Kuldeep to fine leg before Malik defends the last three balls.
18:27   Malik, Azam put Pakistan back on track

Pak 73-2 (18 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

A lifeline for Malik (26) as he tries to run the ball down the thirdman off Pandya. He hits it a bit too fine but Dhoni puts down the low catch to his right.

That was easy by Dhoni standards but the veteran was unable to hold on as he hit the ground following the dive to his right.

The two batsmen looking quite comfortable out in the middle on a wicket looking full of runs.Three singles off the first four balls before Malik clips Chahal through midwicket for three runs and Azam takes one off the last ball.

In the next over, Pandya drops short as Azam cracks it through the covers for a four followed by two singles.

Pandya is down with some injury as he collapses on his follow through after delivering the ball. He seems in a lot pain as the medical team comes out to attend and he is stretchered off the ground!

Pandya completes the over as he bowls the last ball which Azam cuts but can't find the gap in the covers.
18:08   Malik, Azam steady Pakistan

Pak 57-2 (15 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Spin introduced at the end of Powerplay as leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes in to the attack to bowl the 11th over.

Three singles from the first five balls before Chahal drops one short as Azam smashes it through the covers for a four.

Pandya doing well to keep things tight as he starts his second over with three dot balls in a row to Malik.

He then drops one short as Malik pulls it through midwicket for a couple and then runs the fifth ball to thirdman for one.

Pandya bowls it full on the stumps as Azam clips it through midwicket for a four, to take the score to 39 for two in 12 overs, the first time Pakistan's run rate goes past three.

Just one over for Chahal before he makes way for left-arm chinaman spinner Kuldeep Yadav.

The experienced Malik immediately targets the young spinner as he comes down the track and lofts him over the leg side for the first six of the innings.

Four more singles from the rest of the over as Kuldeep concedes 10 from his first over, with Pakistan deciding to go after the spinner very early.

The runs are coming a bit more freely now. Azam runs a wide delivery from Pandya fine on the off-side for a four to raise the 50-run stand for the third wicket with Malik from 59 balls.

Chahal was off the field briefly as Kuldeep came into the attack before the leggie again comes back into the attack.

He bowls a tidy over, giving away just two runs in his second over.

Pakistan have recovered to 57 for two in 15 overs, having scored 32 runs from the last five overs.

Azam has stroked his way to 30 from 40 balls, while Malik has made 25 from 34 balls to steady the Pakistan innings after the openers perished early.
17:49   Pakistan in trouble after early wickets

Pak 25-2 (10 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Pakistan managed to release some pressure after a slow start with 16 runs from two overs but the two Indian pacers have tightened things again.

Bumrah gave away just two singles in his fourth over, while Bhuvneshwar conceded just a single in his next over.

A change in the bowling as all-rounder Hardik Pandya comes into the attack in place of Bumrah, who bowled a wonderful first spell of four overs for 10 runs, including two maidens.

Azam does well to tap the second ball on the off-side and steals a quick run and Malik does the same next ball with another quick single to point.

Two singles from the over as Pakistan reach 25 for two in 10 overs with Azam on 13 and Malik on 10.

17:41   Pakistan in trouble after early wickets

Pak 22-2 (8 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Malik releases some pressure as he punches a wide half-volley from Bumrah through the covers for the first boundary off the innings.

The first runs Bumrah concedes, in his third over, after starting off with two maidens.

The next ball is again pitched up and on the stumps as Malik clips it past square leg for three runs before Azam takes one to get eight from the over.

Pakistan looking to break free with a few boundaries. Azam hits Bhuvneshwar straight back down the ground past mid-off for a four and then slaps the next through the covers for another boundary.

The last ball is wide as Azam is beaten trying to flay it again through the off-side.

A single each to Malik and Azam off Bumrah in the next over before the former is beaten by one which comes in.
17:26   Zaman out for a duck, Pakistan 2 down

Pak 4-2 (5 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Azam throws his bat at a wide delivery from Bumrah but it goes on the bounce to point.

Bumrah bowling on a good channel, not trying much, as he bowls another maiden over, his second in a row.

He is yet to concede a run in two overs as Pakistan struggle to three for one in four overs.

The pressure gets to Zaman, who looks to pull a short ball but gets a top edge against Bhuvneshwar and is caught on the leg side by Chahal.

Zaman walks back for a nine-ball duck to leave Pakistan reeling on three for two in the fourth over.

Veteran Shoaib Malik faced with a huge task of getting Pakistan back on track.

He watchfully defends the first three balls he faces before taking a quick single to point to get off the mark.
17:16   Bhuvneshwar strikes early; Pak lose 1st wicket

Pak 3-1 (3 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Imam Ul Haq and Fakhar Zaman are the two opening batsmen for Pakistan, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the bowling for India.

Haq defends the first two balls before he turns the third ball square on the leg side for two runs to get off the mark and then plays out the lasts three balls.

Jasprit Bumrah from the other end and he would be keen to get Fakhar Zaman early.

Zaman, who destroyed India with a cracking century in the Champions Trophy final, shows some intent rightaway as he slaps the first ball through the covers but can't find the gap.

Bumrah not giving Zaman any room as the left-hander is forced to defend the next two balls before he tries to pull a short ball but is unable to make connection.

Bumrah then gets away with a high full toss as Zaman taps it gently back to the bowler and defends the last ball to mid-on as the pacer starts with a maiden over.

Just two overs from the first two overs and Haq looks to break the shackles. He comes down the pitch and looks to swing Bhuvneshwar over the off-side but gets an edge and is caught behind for two.

India's pacers bowling with a lot of discipline, keeping things tight to dry up the runs early on and build up the pressure.

Babar Azam gets off the mark with a single before Zaman plays another couple of dot balls.
16:57   Pakistan elect to bat; Bumrah and Pandya back for India
Check out the playing XIs of the two teams:

Rohit Sharma (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (w/k), Hardik Pandya, Kedar Jadhav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal.

Sarfraz Ahmed (captain, w/k), Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul-Haq, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Mohammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Usman Khan
16:56   Pakistan elect to bat; Bumrah and Pandya back for India
Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has won the toss and elected to bat against India.

"We will bat first and look to score some runs on a good batting pitch," says Sarfaraz.

Meanwhile, India have made two changes as Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya come back into the team in place of Shardul Thakur and Khaleel Ahmed.
16:56   India take on Pakistan in high-voltage clash
Welcome to the coverage of the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan in Dubai on Wednesday.

Both teams started off the tournament with contrasting victories against Hong Kong.

While Pakistan streamrolled Hong Kong by eight wickets, India, who are missing captain Virat Kohli, struggled to a 26-run victory.

India last played Pakistan in the final of the Champions Trophy in London in June last year when Pakistan registered a crushing 180-run victory.
01:16   Asia Cup: India beat Hong Kong by 26 runs

A complacent India survived a mighty scare before recording an unimpressive 26-run win over minnows Hong Kong in their opening group league match of the Asia Cup . 

In pursuit of a stiff 286-run target, unheralded Hong Kong opening pair of Nizakat Khan (92) and skipper Anshuman Rath (73) added a record 174-run partnership to raise the visions of a major upset before inexperience cost them dear as they managed 259 for eight.

Nizakat and Rath's 174-run stand is the associate nation's highest partnership in ODI cricket. 

This was after Shikhar Dhawan found his mojo in familiar flat tracks with lack of movement, helping himself to his 14th ODI century. Dhawan, who had a horrendous tour of England, cashed in on the chance against a weaker opposition on a low and slow continental pitch, smashing 127 off 120 balls as India scored 285 for seven after being asked to bat.

Dhawan hit as many as 15 boundaries and two sixes en route his century but India witnessed a mini batting collapse and failed to cross the 300-run mark against the unfancied bowling attack of Hong Kong. 

Later, the Indian bowlers and fielders looked rusty till Nizakat and Rath were at the crease as the duo played with consummate ease to frustrate Rohit Sharma's men for close to 35 overs.
01:04   Asia Cup: India win by 26 runs

Hong Kong 259-8 (50 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

Khaleel gave away three runs from his 9th over. Kumar in attack. Decent over. Seven runs Hong Kong require 30 from 6 balls. 

Khaleel bowls the last over. Khan is caught and bowled by Khaleel. Wicket number three for this debutant.

India win by 26 runs. 

No one expected Hong Kong to give India a fight.
00:52   Asia Cup: India back in the game

Hong Kong 244-7 (47 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Kuldeep Yadav to McKechnie, he hits a boundary and then stumped! OUT! Hong Kong lose seventh wicket. 

Tanwir Afzal is new batsman. Khan hits Kuldeep's last ball for four runs.
00:39   Asia Cup: Chahal strikes, India back in the game

Hong Kong 227-6 (44.2 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Seven from Kumar's over. Hong Kong require 59 runs from 36 balls. 

They have 6 wickets in hand.  

Things look in control for India. Singles won't be enough for Hong Kong.

Chahal strikes as Shah misfires. Dhawan takes a fine catch. Shah walks back scoring 17 runs from 15 balls.

Chahal sends new batsman Aizaz back. He's gone for a duck.

Hong Kong 220-4 (43 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Shah hits Chahal for a six. Big over for Hong Kong. 13 from that over.  

Hong Kong require 66 runs from 42 balls. They have 6 wickets in hand.

Hong Kong 207-4 (42 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard

India's death overs expert is back. We are talking about Kumar.  

Will he be able to pack off Hong Kong batsmen?  

Ehsan Khan, the new batsman is finding it tough out there.  

Hong Kong need 79 runs off 48 balls to win.
00:18   Asia Cup: India back in the game

Hong Kong 199-4 (40. 2 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Kinchit Shah is the new batsman. Khaleel bowls tight. Have had an impressive debut. Hayat ends the over with a big six. 

Chahal makes Hayat stretch. Dhoni takes a fine catch. Hayat walks back for 18 off 20 balls. Hong Kong lose fourth wicket.
00:10   Asia Cup: Khaleel strikes again, India back in the game

Hong Kong 191-3 (39.1 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Khaleel sends Carter back for 3 (11 balls). Dhoni caught him. India is back in the match.

Hong Kong 183-2 (38 ovs) vs India 285-7 (50 ovs) | Scorecard 

Carter is the new batsman. He is kept silent. 

Hayat opens scoring with a boundary. 

Hong Kong need 103 runs to win from 12 overs. They have 8 wickets in hand.