India off to a good start after Afghanistan post 252
September 25, 2018  21:37

India 28-0 (6 ovs) vs Afg 252-8 | Scorecard

Mujeeb bowling a tight line and length, not giving Rahul anything to work with as he bowls a maiden over to the India opener.

In the next over, Rayudu clips pacer Alam on the leg side for one. Rahul is beaten as he looks to play the cut shot which moves away slightly.

He throws his bat at the next delivery, trying to play a similar shot but is beaten again as Afghanistan appeal for caught behind which is turned down.

Rahul takes a quick single off the fifth ball and Rayudu takes one off the last ball of the over.

Mujeeb has a huge appeal for leg before turned down against Rayudu, who had come down the track. The umpire gives it runs but it was pad first and Afghanistan also decide against the review. Infact, if they had taken the DRS, they would have got the wicket as Rayudu was struck in line and the ball was going on to strike the stumps.

Rahul comes down and drives Mujeeb through the covers but Nabi at mid-off dives full length to his left to save some runs. Rayudu comes down and he makes good connection to smash it in the gap through the covers for a four.
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