Shahzad gives Afghanistan a flying start
September 25, 2018  17:21

Afg 35-0 (4 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shahzad looks keen to attack as he hammers the first ball of Khaleel's second over for a boundary through mid-on before he takes a single two balls later.

Javed Ahmadi finally gets strike, in the third over, and he starts off by playing three dot balls in a row.

He gets off the mark in the next over as he clips Chahar through the leg side for two runs and then takes one.

Chahar bowls a high toss to Shahzad which is ruled a no-ball for height. The free hit delivery is a poor delivery as Chahar tries the slower bouncer but it goes way over the batsman's head and is called a no-ball.

The next ball is another slower bouncer which goes wrong and is called a wide.

Chahar finally gets it right as he bowls it full but Shahzad gets it right too as he hammers it over long-on for a six.

The last ball is pulled over midwicket for a four as Chahar gives away 17 in is second over.
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