Shahzad out for 124; Afghanistan 6 down
September 25, 2018  19:45

Afg 180-6 (38 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

With Shahzad having gone quiet in the last few overs, Nabi decides to break the shackles as he gives pacer Kaul the charge and pulls him over midwicket for a six.

In the next over, Shahzad makes room and lofts Jadhav over the covers for a four. He then tries the helicopter but fails to make proper connection before taking one off the last ball to keep strike.

Nabi dealing in sixes as he lofts a full delivery from Kaul over long-on for another maximum, his second, to race to 25 from as many balls.

A tired Shahzad finally perishes as he attempts a big hit against Jadhav but only manages to sky it high and is caught by Karthik at long-off.

He walks back to a huge cheer after an entertaining innings of 124 from 116 balls, having hit 11 fours and seven sixes.
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