Shahzad's blast takes Afghanistan past 100
September 25, 2018  18:32

Afg 103-4 (20 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shahzad cuts a short ball from Jadeja through point for two runs before he swings the next ball but fails to make proper connection for a single to deep midwicket.

Naib gets off the mark with a single followed by a wide before Shahzad again for the slog sweep but again only for one to deep midwicket.

Shahzad is tiring out and looking to play the big shots. This time he lofts Kuldeep down the ground but can't get enough power for just a single to long-on.

Kuldeep has put a lid on the scoring, giving away just three runs in his over, while picking up two wickets.

Shahzad shuffles across the stumps and hits a full toss from Jadeja past fine leg for a four. He slog sweeps the next ball and makes good connection for a huge six over midwicket.

He again shuffles across and attempts to paddle but is beaten as the LBW appeal is turned down.

Jadeja floats one up and gets some turn as Shahzad has another swing and miss before he gently taps the last ball, a full toss, to long-on for a single to keep strike and bring up Afghanistan's 100, in the 19th over.

No taking chances against Kuldeep as Shahzad watchfully defends against the chinaman spinner. Three dot balls in a row before he clips the fourth to deep midwicket for one.

Naib looks to loft the last ball down the ground as it goes towards mid-off where Dinesh Karthik puts in the dive to his left but is unable to get to the catch.
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