Haque, Mithun have done well so far
November 14, 2019  10:44

B'desh 20-2 (14 ovs) vs Ind | Scorecard

Umesh continues and he does well to beat the batsman first up after drinks.

A dot later, Umesh draws the batsman forward and the ball goes just past the bat. Peach again!

A dot later, Mithun plays front-foot defence.

Umesh then raps the batsman on his pads, big appeal, not given. The batsmen take a single and India take the DRS as Umesh thinks it was close.

The review is taking long, the ultra edge shows the ball had hit the bat.

The ball tracking says umpire's call and the decision stays. Just the one run comes in the over.

Drinks now and Bangladesh's Haque and Mithun have done well to stay in and counter the challenge of Ishant and Umesh after the fall of the first two wickets. It will be interesting to see how they go till lunch.

Shami continues and starts with a peach, the ball is on a nice length, Mithun is beaten all ends up.

Mithun then gets a single to backward point.

Haque doing well to stay in. Just the single comes in the over.

Umesh continues and he bowls short and Mithun takes a single to the on side.

Haque doing well to leave the next two balls. 

And now Umesh gets warning from the umpire for running on to the pitch. 

Umesh comes around the wicket now and three dot balls to end the over. 

Shami comes into the attack  now and the runs are flowing now as the batsmen get singles and twos in this over.

Shami bowling short and the batsmen look comfortable against that length.

Three dot balls to end the over as 4 runs come off it.
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