Kayes out for 6
November 14, 2019  10:02

B'desh 12-1 (6 ovs) vs Ind | Scorecard

Umesh continues and again a play and miss.

After a dot, again the ball goes past the outside edge, the ball holding its line So, so close! 

Umesh bowls a wide half-volley next and Kayes reaches for it and plays the ball through gully for a four.

Kayes then leaves the ball alone. 

Gone next ball! Umesh gets some movement, some extra bounce and Kayes edges the ball to the gully fielder, Rahane. Kayes out for 6 and Bangladesh lose their first.

A packed close-in field is set up as Ishant continues and again he bowls an outswinger.

Islam then gets a streaky single, as he plays the ball through wide gully for a four.

Islam and Kayes then run a quick single. 

Another beauty as Ishant's outswinger goes just past the bat again. He is bowling a bit short and it's not helping his cause.

Kayes then just taps the ball down to mid-off and takes off for a single.

A dot to end the over as 6 come off it.

Umesh continues and he is getting the ball to swing in.

Kayes gets off the mark with a single to the leg side.

After another superb inswinger that went just past the batsman's stumps, Islam gets off the mark with a single.

After a dot, Umesh bowls another peach as he makes the batsman commit as the ball holds its line on the way to the keeper.
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