Agarwal survives DRS shout
November 15, 2019  11:21

Ind 178-3 (50 ovs) vs B'desh 150 (58.3 ovs) | Scorecard

Taijul continues and that is a short ball that Rahane cuts through point for a single.

Rahane goes down with a little pain in his hamstring while completing that run. The physio comes out to check on him. All well for Rahane.

After a dot, Agarwal gets a single.

Two dots to end the over as just two come off it.

Hasan continues and after three dots, Agarwal gets a single down to long-on.

Rahane then plays a superbly timed shot, creaming the ball through covers for a four. 

A single to end the over.

Taijul continues. Rahane negotiating the bowling nicely here. That is a maiden.

Hasan continues and after three dots, Agarwal is hit on his pads, big shout and the umpire gives it out.

The Indians take the DRS and the ball tracking shows that the ball was missing the stumps. 

Two dots to end the over. 
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