India powering forward
November 15, 2019  11:02

Ind 169-3 (46 ovs) vs B'desh 150 (58.3 ovs) | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Taijul continues and after a dot, Agarwal drives the ball down the ground for a single. 

Rahane then taps the ball down and scampers for a single. 

After two dots, Agarwal plays the ball to mid-wicket for a couple and that brings up the 50-run partnership.

Hasan continues and after a dot, Agarwal comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and smashes the ball for a six over long-off for a six! 

Three dots later, another short ball and Agarwal cuts it through backward point for a single. 7 come off it.

Taijul continues and after four dots, he pitches on short, Rahane pulls it to mid-wicket for a couple.

Dot to end the over. 

Hasan continues and after three dots, he drifts it to the leg side and Agarwal nicely plays it down to fine leg for a four. 

Two dots to end the over as 4 come off it.
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