Rahane, Agarwal up the ante
November 15, 2019  13:28

Ind 255-3 (72 ovs) vs B'desh 150 (58.3 ovs) | Scorecard

Hasan continues and India dealing in boundaries here as Agarwal hits a four on the leg side as 5 come in the over.

After drinks , India up the ante and bring up the 100-run lead as Agarwal smashes the ball over mid-on for a four. 

Hasan comes back in the attack a four is taken off him.

Taijul continues and 2 come in the over.

Jayed continues and easy runs for India here as they are getting the singles and twos with ease as 5 runs come in the over.

Bowling change from both ends as left-arm spinner Taijul back in the attack.

Rahane plays four dots, before scampering for a single to mid-on.

After a dot, Agarwal pulls the short ball to mid-wicket for a four. 

5 runs to end the over.
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