Aus spinners struggle
January 14, 2020  15:18

Aus 117-1 (24 ovs) vs Ind | Scorecard

Australia spinners working in tandem now but Dhawan and Rahul are playing them with ease.

Zampa continues and after a dot, Rahul plays the ball straight past the bowler for single as the 100-run partnership comes up.

The batsmen then get the singles and twos as six come off the over.

Agar continues and after two dots, Rahul plays the ball down to square leg for a single.

Dhawan then makes room and plays it past point for a single. 

Two dots to end the over as just two come off it.

Zampa continues and the batsmen take two singles off the first two balls.

Two more runs come in the over as the batsmen effortlessly keep the scorecard ticking.

Agar continues and after a dot, Dhawan gets a life as Warner puts down a tough chance at short mid-wicket.

Five singles taken in the over.

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