Rohit survives early run-out chance
January 14, 2020  13:49

Aus 13-0 (4 ovs) vs Ind | Scorecard

Cummins continues and Dhawan tries to run down the track and go after but plays and misses. Dhawan looking very unsure as Cummins bowls a maiden.

Starc continues and comes around the wicket and after a dot, Rohit plays the ball down to deep square leg for a single. 

Dhawan then plays two dots before playing the ball to square leg off his pads for a single.

Dot to end the over as 2 come off it. 

Cummins comes to bowl at the other end and it's an inside edge onto the pads of Dhawan.

Dhawan then plays the ball down to third man to get off the mark with a single.

Rohit then plays the ball to square leg for no run. 

Cummins then bowls a peach, making Rohit play as the ball holds the line and swings late.  Play and a miss that.

Cummins then bowls one down the leg side for a wide.

Rohit then plays the ball down to fine leg for a single.

A dot to end the over as Dhawan leaves the ball alone as 3 come off the over.

Starc to open the bowling for Australia as Rohit and Dhawan open the batting for India and Rohit starts with a superbly-timed cover drive to the boundary.

Starc pitches it up and that is inviting for Rohit. 

A dot ball next that Rohit defends well to mid-off.

Rohit leaves the next ball before Rohit survives a run-out.

Rohit drives again and that is another beautiful drive to the boundary.

A dot to end the over as 8 come off the opening over.

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