Soft dismissal as he goes for 47
January 14, 2020  15:35

Aus 137-2 (28 ovs) vs Ind | Scorecard

Kohli is the new man in and he gets off the mark with a single to the off side.

After a dot, Dhawan takes a single off a leg bye.

After a dot, Kohli takes a single to the on side for a single. Just 3 runs and a wicket in the over.

Agar continues and against the run of play the Aussies have a wicket.

The bowler gives the ball a bit of flight, tempting Rahul into the drive. Rahul plays into the bowler's hands and is caught at mid-off by Smith. 

Rahul out for 47.

Richardson replaces Agar now and Rahul takes a quick single.

Dhawan then takes a single off the next ball to the off side. 

The batsmen just keep the scorecard ticking as 5 singles come in the over.

Zampa continues and Rahul starts the over with a single to sweeper cover.

Next ball is a full toss and Dhawan slogs it over deep mid-wicket for a single.

After two dots, an interesting appeal made but the ball hit the shoe and ricocheted off the track to the keeper. Third umpire spots the bump ball.

A single to end the over as 3 come off it.

Agar continues and the first six of the match comes in the 25th over as Dhawan comes down the track and plays the ball over mid-off for a maximum!

Nine runs come in the over.
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