Warner. Finch batting smart
January 14, 2020  19:17

Aus 140-0 (20 ovs) vs India 255 (49.1 ovs) | Scorecard

Jadeja continues and after a dot, he bowls a wide and follows that up with a short one that is rightly cut through point to the boundary for a four.

A single and two dots later, big shout for LBW against Finch, umpire unmoved. India take the review and lose it as the replays show there was an inside edge on to the pads. 

A single to end the over as 7 come off it.

Kuldeep continues, bowls short and Finch cuts it through backward point to start the over with a four.

The batsmen are then content with mixing the over with singles and twos as 8 come off the over.

Jadeja back in the attack and Finch starts the over with a couple down to third man, leading edge off a turn. 

Finch then blocks a few before getting a single to backward square leg.

Jadeja then bowls short and Warner plays a shot through square on the off side for a four as 7 come off the over. 

Kuldeep continues after the drinks break as India look for a breakthrough.

He starts the 2nd hour with 3 runs in the over.

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