Gill, Tripathi give KKR a good start vs SRH
October 18, 2020  16:01

KKR 28-0 (4 ovs) vs SRH

Sandeep continues as KKR's openers look to play it safe in the opening overs.

Gill drives the first two balls on the off-side as he is unable to find the gap before he clips the third ball on the leg side for one.

Tripathi also manages a single off the fifth and Gill keeps strike with one from the last ball, as Sandeep concedes just three singles from his second over.

A change in bowling as Thangrasu Natarajan comes into the attack in place of Thampi.

Gill picks a single off the first ball before Tripathi lofts a full delivery straight down the ground for a six and then does well to tap the next ball on the off-side for a quick run.

A single for Gill before Tripathi swats the last ball behind square for a four, as 13 runs come from the over.

KKR are 28 for no loss in four overs, with Tripathi on 21 and Gill on seven.
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