IPL: 100 comes up for Kings XI
October 18, 2020  22:37

Mumbai 176-6 (20 ovs) vs Kings XI 105-2 (12 ovs)

Pollard is back, lucky Rahul, was nearly caught and bowled by Pollard. He punches the ball to deep midwicket for two quick singles. Rahul slams straight to deep midwicket for a single. Pooran cuts it to deep point for two quick singles. Pooran drives the next for a boundary. Pooran is getting into his groove, he hammers the last ball of the over for a six! 15 runs from the over. 

 After 11 overs Kings XI are 102-2. 

Chahar continues, just three singles off this over. Mumbai wanted this over to control the Kings XI. After 12 overs Kings XI are 105-2. Rahul is on 43 (32) and Pooran is on 24 (9).
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