KKR v SRH match tied; Super Over to decide winner
October 18, 2020  19:34

Sunrisers 163-6 (20 ovs) vs KKR 163-5

Mavi to bowl the 19th over.

He starts with a short wide delivery as Samad slashes it over point for a four and then smashes the next down the ground for a single to long-off.

Mavi pitches it up as Warner manages to loft it over the fielder at mid-off for another boundary.

The young pacer tries the slower ball as Warner slaps it through the covers for one and Samad picks two runs off the fifth ball on the leg side.

The last ball is a full toss as Samad flicks it over the leg side with Ferguson taking it on the edge of the boundary at deep midwicket and as he loses his balance over the ropes, he flicks it back to Shubman Gill, who completes the easy catch.

A crucial blow for KKR as not only did Fergsuon play his role in the wicket of Samad, but also prevented the six, which would have made things easier for Sunrisers in the final over.

Samad walks back after a quickfire 23 from 15 balls. All on Warner now, with Sunrisers needing 18 from final over for victory.

Andre Russell to bowl the final over. He starts from round the wicket and starts with a big wide to Rashid Khan outside the off-stump.

To make matters worse for KKR, Russell has overstepped to gift SRH a free hit. Rashid hits the free hit delivery, a full toss, straight into the hands of Tripathi at deep midwicket just for a single but importantly it brings Warner back on strike.

Russell drifts on the pads as Warner clips it past short fine leg for a four and then hammers the third ball straight down the ground for another boundary.

The match is still evenly poised with SRH needing eight from the last three balls for victory.

Russell goes for the slower ball but it is bit too straight as Warner clips it through square leg for another four, the third in succession.

He goes for another heave on the leg side but this time he gets a thick inside edge for two runs to midwicket with another couple needed for victory.

Warner is unable to get the clip away off the last ball and is hit on the pads but he manages to steal the leg bye for one to take it into the Super Over as the match ends in a tie!

Warner was single-handedly responsible for taking the game into the Super Over with his unbeaten 47 from 33 balls, scoring 19 runs from the last seven balls.

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