Morgan, Karthik on the attack
October 18, 2020  17:15

KKR 133-4 (18 ovs) vs SRH

Thampi comes back from the other end as he is entrusted the task of bowling the death overs in his first game of the IPL season.

Karthik can't find the gap off the first ball before he picks a single on the leg side. Morgan is beaten by a full delivery outside the off-stump and he tries to swing the next over the leg side but gets a thick outside edge which flies wide of the wicketkeeper for a four.

He takes a single down the ground before Karthik slaps the last ball through the covers for a four, to get 10 runs from the over.

Sandeep to bowl his fourth and final over. Morgan hits the first ball through the covers for one and Karthik chips the next over the bowler's head for two runs before picking one to long-off.

A wide yorker which Morgan steers to thirdman for a single and Karthik sweeps the fifth ball over midwicket for a six and keeps strike with one from the last ball.

12 runs from the over as KKR reach 133-4 in 18 overs.
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