KKR off to flying start; RCB 92 all out
September 20, 2021  21:54

KKR 45-0 (5 ovs) vs RCB 92 | Scorecard

Siraj drops short as Iyer slaps it past point for a couple of runs but is beaten next ball trying another cut shot but the ball is close to the body this time around.

Siraj bowls a bouncer as Iyer is happy to let it go through before the next ball is slapped into the covers where the fielder stops it as just two runs come from the third over.

RCB bring in debutant leg-spinner Wanindu Hasaranga into the attack, to bowl the fourth over.

Three singles from the first three balls before Iyer tries the reverse heave but is beaten.

Some flight from Hasaranga as Iyer drives the overpitched delivery through the covers for a four, using his wrists to good effect to place the ball perfectly in the gap.

Jamieson is back into the attack. Gill advances down the track and smashes the pace bowler down the ground past mid-off for a four.

Jamieson oversteps to concede a free hit but Gill is unable to make most as he misses the attempted ramp shot.

Gill makes room and lofts the fourth ball over the off-side for another four and then takes a single.

Iyer comes down the track and launches Jamieson high over the long-on fence for a huge six.

KKR set for a huge win as they race to 45 for no loss in five overs, with another 48 needed from 15 overs for victory.
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