Kohli out for 5; RCB lose early wicket
September 20, 2021  19:55

RCB 28-1 (4 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Fast bowler Lockie Ferguson comes into the attack. A single each to Padikkal and Bharat before the former lofts the third ball straight down the ground over mid-on for a four.

Padikkal pushes the next ball to midwicket for a single before Bharat looks to pull the short ball but is beaten for pace and struck high on the pads.

He keeps strike with a quick single from the last ball as he makes his crease despite the direct hit from mid-off.

Krishna looking to keep the ball full. Bharat defends the first two balls before he plays at a wide delivery without any footwork and is beaten.

The next ball is short and wide as Bharat cuts but on the bounce to point but Krishna has overstepped to concede a free hit.

Krishna bowls a high full toss which Bharat swings on the leg side to be caught at deep square leg but the umpire rules it another no-ball for height.

Another free hit, this time for Padikkal.

Krishna ends up bowling another high full toss which Padikkal manages to clip over the fielder at short fine leg for a four.

He keeps strike with a single from the last ball as RCB reach 28/1 in four overs.
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