Delhi need 36 from last 5 overs for win
September 22, 2021  22:42

Delhi 99-2 (15 ovs) vs SRH 134-9 | Scorecard

Khaleel, who has two overs in hand, is back into the attack. A single to Iyer to thirdman before Pant sweeps the fast bowler to deep square leg for one.

Iyer runs the fourth ball down to thirdman for another run and Pant gets a leading edge for a single to mid-off and the former picks one off the last ball.

Pacer Sandeep comes back into the attack. Iyer flicks the first ball through midwicket for a couple of runs before he swings the third ball over midwicket for a four.

The next ball is again pulled in the same region for another boundary and he takes a single off the last ball, to get 11 runs from the over.

Rashid to bowl his fourth and final over. Iyer picks a single off the first ball and Pant comes down the track to drive the fourth ball for one.

Rashid bowls a wide down the leg side as just three runs come from the spinner's last over, to finish with 1/26 in four overs.

Delhi need 36 from the last five overs for victory.
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