SRH lose 6th wicket; Delhi on top
September 22, 2021  21:01

SRH 111-6 (18 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Avesh comes back into the attack. Rashid inside edges the first ball which narrowly misses the leg stump for a single and Samad hits the third ball to long-on for one.

Rashid looks to loft the full delivery down the ground but can't get under the ball.

Avesh bowls a superb yorker wide of the off-stump as Rashid gets an under edge through to the wicketkeeper.

He runs the last ball, another yorker, down to thirdman for a single to bring up SRH's 100, in the 17th over.

Avesh has overstepped off the last ball to gift SRH a free hit delivery.

Samad makes most of the free hit as he lofts the full toss over long-on for a six, to bring some cheer back in the SRH camp.

Nortje to bowl the 18th over. Rashid makes room and tries to slash it over the off-side but is beaten before he gets the next over short thirdman for a couple.

Nortje bowls a yorker on the stumps as Rashid clips it to deep square leg for just a single.

Quick short ball from Nortje as Samad is late on the pull shot, hitting it to long-on for one.

Good bowling from Nortje as he hits the pitch and gets some extra bounce with Rashid looking to swing across the line but is beaten two balls in a row.
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