SRH struggle after early wickets vs Delhi
September 22, 2021  20:13

SRH 43-2 (8 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Avesh is back into the attack. Pandey drives the first ball straight which is stopped by the bowler on his follow through before he flicks the next through midwicket for a couple of runs.

Pandey guides the third ball to thirdman for one and Williamson is unable to get a run off the last three balls.

Delhi have kept Sunrisers in check in the Powerplay as they are reduced to 32/2 in six overs.

Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack in place of Rabada. Pandey takes a single off the first ball to long-on and Williamson misses the clip to take a leg bye.

A single each to Pandey and Williamson before the former flicks the medium pacer through midwicket for a couple of runs.

He hits the last ball with soft hands to long-on but Williamson turns down the second run.

Axar comes back from the other end. Pandey is unable to get a run off the first two balls before he takes a single into the covers.

Williamson picks a single next ball and Pandey takes one down to long-on.

Williamson also manages just a single off the last ball as just four runs come from the over.
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