Delhi set for win as Royals struggle
September 25, 2021  18:58

Royals 99-5 (17 ovs) vs Delhi 154-6 | Scorecard

Axar comes back into the attack. Tewatia shuffles across and switch hits the spinner for just a single to deep point.

Samson tries the reverse sweep but can't make connection before he gets the shot right next ball for a four past short thirdman.

Samson was on 20 from 25 balls but has shifted gears to hit 28 from the last 13 balls, to take his score to 48 from 38 balls.

Despite Samson's counter-attack in the last couple of overs, Royals still face a uphill task with 64 needed from 4 overs for victory.

Avesh comes back into the attack. Tewatia takes a single from the first ball before Samson flicks the next through midwicket for a couple to race to his fifty, from 39 balls.

Avesh bowls a full toss down the leg side as Samson misses the glance but the umpire rules it a wide.

Samson gets an inside edge for a single and Tewatia picks one, hitting it down to long-on.

Eight runs from the over as Royals reach 99/5 in 17 overs, needing another 56 from the last three overs for victory.
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