Bhuvi strikes!
September 27, 2021  19:41

RR 11-1 (2 ovs) vs SRH | Scorecard 

Samson is the new man in and he is beaten outside the off side first ball.

He lets the next one go before playing out another dot. 

Samson is again beaten as the ball narrowly goes past his outside edge. 

Samson then whips the ball to mid-wicket for no run. Bhuvi bowls a wicket-maiden! 

Bhuvneshwar opens at the other end and he bowls to the field, a shortish ball, Lewis pulls but it lands straight in the hands of the backward square leg fielder and Lewis is out for 6.  

Jaiswal and Evin Lewis open the batting for Rajasthan and they will look to make the most of the Powerplay overs as Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling for SRH.

Rajasthan open their account off the very first ball as Lewis takes a single to mid off.

Jaiswal then plays a late cut towards short third man to take a single.

Lewis then just gets bat and ball and places the ball through the off side through third man for a four.

He then gets a single to fine leg. 

Jaiswal then tries to dance down the track and fails to connect but he finishes the over in style with a slap square on the off side for a four! 

Good start for Rajasthan. 
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