RR bat well in Powerplay overs
September 27, 2021  19:59

RR 49-1 (6 ovs) vs SRH | Scorecard 

Sid Kaul comes into the attack now and Jaiswal starts the over wtith a single before Samson drives the ball handsomely through the covers for a four. Lovely batting!

Samson then cuts the ball past the backward point fielder for a four through the third man area. 

Slower ball next, Samson tries to pull but gets very little on it as the keeper fields the ball.

Samson then whips the full toss ball to square leg for a single. 

Jaiswal then just taps the ball down and runs a single to end the over.

Right arm medium pacer Holder in the attack now and after a first-ball dot, the batsmen take four singles before Jaiswal digs out a yorker off the last ball of the over. 
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