Scores 3000 IPL runs
September 27, 2021  20:50

RR 133-3 (16 ovs) vs SRH | Scorecard 

Kaul back in the attack and Samson smashes him over covers for a four to bring up his half century. 

Shortish ball next and Samson pulls it to deep square leg for a couple. 

Samson on fire now, slower ball, Samson half hits it, gets the middle of the bat and it flies over the fielder at long-off for a six!

Samson then gets a couple to the leg side before he pulls the next short and slow ball through mid wicket for a six! 3000 IPL runs for Samson and a dot to end the over as 20 come off it.

Rashid continues after the time out and Samson starts the over as he dances down the track and smashes it over long-off for a six! 

Samson then gets a single to long off.

Lomror and Samson then take a single each before the batsmen nicely end the over with two singles off the last two balls of the over. 11 come off it. That is the end of Rashid's spell as he gives 31 runs in his four overs.
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