Smash SRH bowling around
September 27, 2021  21:02

RR 153-3 (18 ovs) vs SRH | Scorecard 

Holder back in the attack and he starts with a wide down the leg side.

Slower ball next and Samson plays the ball to fine leg for a four. 

Samson then digs out the yorker and the batsmen sneak in a single.

Lomror then slaps the full toss to extra cover for a single. 

Samson then pulls the next ball to long-on for a single. 

Lomror then mistimes his shot but gets a reprieve as Sandeep Sharma puts down the catch at short third man. The batsmen take a couple before a dot to end the over. 10 come off it.

Bhuvi back in the attack and Lomror starts the over with a single to mid-wicket.

Samson then just dispatches the ball over extra cover for a four.

Samson then gets a single to short third man.

Lomror and Samson get a single each before Lomror pulls the short ball to deep midwicket for a couple. 10 come off the over.
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