SRH struggle to go big
September 27, 2021  22:46

SRH 139-3 (16 ovs) vs RR 164-5 (20 ovs) | Scorecard 

Sakariya continues and Abhishek gets a single to third man off the first ball of the over. 

After two dots, Williamson gets a single to cover.

Abhishek then clips the ball to mid-wicket for a couple. QUick runs those.

Wide ball next and the batsmen take a single. Williamson ends the over with a couple to mid-wicket as the batsmen take an easy couple. 

Morris back in the attack and after a dot, Abhishek pulls the ball past short fine leg for a four. 

Just three more singles come off the over as 7 come off it. 
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