Sat, 06 August 2022
4th T20I Updates: A mammoth task at hand for WI

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23:57   A mammoth task at hand for WI
WI 106-6 (14 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Bishnoi continues, starts with four dot balls. Excellent bowling. He has been unlucky to not get a wicket. Hetmyer and Hosein will get a single each of the last two. After 13 overs WI are 103-6, they need 89 from 42 balls. 

Bhuvneshwar returns, Hosein and Hetmyer deal in singles, just three come off it.  After 14 overs WI are 106-6. They need 86 from 36 balls. Nothing is impossible but India are in control.
23:49   Arshdeep dismisses Holder, WI in trouble
WI 101-6 (12 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Bishnoi is back, Holder flicks towards midwicket, won't get any runs. He will get a couple off the next. Two more dot balls. Holder goes for big ones, dropped by Arshdeep at square leg boundary. Boundary to end the over. After 11 overs WI are 100-5. 

Arshdeep is back, Hetmyer slices for a single. Arshdeep strikes! He dismisses Holder whom he had dropped earlier. Holder doles it out to Samson at point, he walks back scoring 13 off 9. Akeal Hosein is the new batter, he struggles against Arshdeep, four dot balls. Excellent over from Arshdeep, just a single and a wicket from it. 

After 12 overs WI are 101-6. They need 91 from 48 balls.
23:47   WI need 102 from 56 balls to win

WI 88-5 (10 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Avesh comes into the attack now, Hetmyer defends it. He takes a single off the next. Holder pushes to covers for a single. Hetmyer powers it over midwicket boundary for four runs. Dot ball to end the over. After 10 overs WI are 88-5. They need 102 from 56 balls to win.
23:33   Axar strikes again, WI 5 down

WI 82-5 (9 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Ravi Bishnoi is here, Hetmyer is the new batter. Powell faces Bishnoi, he won't get any runs. Powell is betaen but there was an edge but Pant dropped it! Just three come off it. After 8 overs WI are 67-4. They need 125 from 72 balls. 

Axar continues, Powell will get a couple. He hammers a maximum now! He is beaten off the next. Full toss and in the air the Hooda takes another stunner at long off boundary. Powell departs for 24 off 16. Holder is the new batter, dot to end the over. After 9 overs India are 82-5.
23:32   Axar removes Mayers, WI in trouble

WI 64-4 (7 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Arshdeep comes to bowl now, Mayers scores a boundary. Next is called a legbye. Powell hammers a boundary now. Three more runs off that over. After 6 overs WI are 61-3. 

Axar continues, Powell is beaten, he gets a single off the next. Two more singles and wicket! Mayers mis-judges and Hooda takes another stunner at long off boundary. Mayers departs for 14 off 16. After 7 overs WI are 64-4.
23:21   Pooran departs for 24, WI 3 down
WI 49-3 (5 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Axar Patel is here, Pooran welcomes him with a boundary. Impressive strike, maximum from Pooran. Axar does well with a dot ball. Pooran isn't done, hammers back-to-back sixes! Axar has the last laugh as he gets rid of Pooran. There was no need for a single but mistake from Mayers and Pooran has to walk back scoring 24 off 8 balls. 

After 5 overs WI are 49-3. They need 143 from 90 balls.
23:17   Avesh's twin strike leaves WI reeling
WI 27-2 (4 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Bhuvi continues, he bowls a tighter length. Just four off that over. After 3 overs WI are 22-1. 

Avesh strikes again, removes Devon Thomas. He is gone for 1 off 4. He skies it and Hooda makes no mistake at mid-off. 

Skip Nicholas Pooran is the new batter.

5 runs and a wicket off that over. After 4 overs WI are 27-2. They need 165 from 96 balls.
23:01   Avesh strikes early, removes King

WI 18-1 (2 Ovs) India 191-5 (20 Ovs) | Scorecard

Brandon King  walks out to bat with Mayers. Bhuvi starts with a wide. King hammers him with a boundary. Dot from Bhuvi. Another boundary from King. Mayers also sends one to the ropes for four runs. 14 came off it. 

Avesh Khan comes from the other end. King misses and hammers the next for four. King is beaten. 

Wicket! The leg cutter does the trick and Avesh catches it. King walks back scoring 13 off 8 balls caught and bowled Avesh Khan. 

Devon Thomas is the new batter. He defends the last two. 

After two overs WI are 18-1. WI need 174 from 108 balls.
22:34   India set 192 target for Windies
India 191-5 (20 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Drakes to bowl the last over. Samson sends it to deep square leg for a single. Axar misses it. Next is called wide. Axar will get a couple off the next. Another wide from Drakes. Yorker and Axar will get just a single off it. Single for Samson too. Axar finishes it off with a boundary. 

India are 191-5. They have set a 192 runs target for the West Indies.
22:28   DK departs, India 5 down
India 180-5 (19 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

McCoy is here and he strikes! Bowled! DK is gone for just 6 off 9. 

Axar Patel is new batter. Called wide. Patel is beaten off the next. He is off the mark with a single. Single for Samson too. Axar hammers a stunning six! Next is called wide. Axar, that was impressive! Another maximum from him! He sends it down the ground. 16 came off it. After 19 overs India are 180-5.
22:23   Runs coming in singles for India
India 164-4 (18 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

DK is the new batter, Holder continues, Samson flicks to deep midwicket for a single. DK is off the mark with a single. Just three more singles off it. After 16 overs India are 151-4. 

Drakes is here, Samson sends it to covers, won't get any runs. Samson and DK deals in singles. Samson hammers a boundary over the bowlers head. He backs it with a single. Dot to end the over. After 17 overs India are 158-4. 

Joseph is back into the attack, India need big runs but so far runs coming in singles. WI won't mind it. Six came off that over. After 18 overs India are 164-4.
22:23   McCoy removes Pant for 44
India 146-4 (16 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

McCoy is back, Samson welcomes him with a maximum over deep square leg. He flicks to long off for a single. Wide called. Pant and Samson steal singles at will. Pant goes for a boundary. 

Wicket! Pant departs for 44 off 31 balls. Drakes takes a splendid catch at long on to dismiss Pant. After 15 overs India are 146-4.
22:04   Pant, Samson stitch partnership
India 132-3 (14 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Hosein is back for this fourth and last over. Pant and Samson deal in singles. Pant sweeps it over the ropes for four runs. He pushes the next to fine leg for a single. Samson powers it to deep midwicket for a single. Single to end the over. 9 came off the over. After 13 overs India are 123-3. 

Holder is back into the attack, Pant power sit to backward point, will just get a single. Legbye called, next is called wide. Pant hammers it towards backward point for four runs. Two more singles to end the over. After 14 overs India are 132-3.
21:52   Joseph removes Hooda, India 3 down
India 114-3 (12 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Joseph is back into the attack, Hooda defends. Next is called wide. 

Wicket! Hooda holes it out to Brandon King at cover. Hooda gone for 21 off 19 balls. 

Sanju Samson is the new batter. He defends and is off the mark with a single. Samson hammers it over the long leg for four runs. After 12 overs India are 114-3.
21:46   100 comes up for India
India 107-2 (11 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

McCoy is back after the drinks break. Hooda and Pant negotiate singles. Pant hammers a boundary over short fine leg. Four more singles off it. 11 runs came from the 10th over. India are 107-2.
21:40   Pant, Hooda steady India
India 96-2 (10 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Dominic Drakes is brought back into the attack. Pant cuts to deep square for a single. Hooda finds the gap, will get three runs. Pant is beaten. Three more singles off the over. After 9 overs India are 84-2. 

Holder continues, Pant takes a risky single. Hooda pushes to long on for a single. Pant finds the gap and hammers it to the ropes for four runs. Four runs from Hooda too. 12 came off it. After 10 overs India are 96-2.
21:31   Pant Hooda steady India
India 77-2 (8 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Hosein comes to bowl his third over. He manages to keep Pant and Hooda quiet. Just three come off it. After 7 overs India are 68-2. 

Jason Holder is brought into the attack. Hooda defends the first and hammers the next over mid off boundary for four runs. Next is called legbye. Pant nudges it to deep cover a single. Wide called. Hooda flicks towards third man for a single. Another single to end the over. After 8 overs India are 77-2.
21:22   SKY departs for 24, India lose both openers
India 65-2 (6 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Joseph continues, Hooda flicks to third man for a single. SKY goes for the maximum over fine leg. 

Wicket! Huge shout for LBW and given! SKY challenges it, but three reds are seen ans it's going on to hit the stumps. SKY departs for 24 off 14 balls. 

Rishabh Pant is the new batter. He defends the first and hammers a boundary off the next. Dot to end the over. After 6 overs India are 65-2.
21:17   Hosein dismisses Rohit for 33
India 54-1 (5 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Hosein is back, SKY nudges it to deep square for a single. Rohit is beaten. He sends the next for maximum! Wicket! ROhit goes for the big one but it beaten. The turn does it for Rohit and he is bowled! He walks back scoring 33 off 16 balls. Deepak Hooda is the new batter. He punches to extra over, won't get any runs. He is off the mark with a single. 

After 5 overs India are 54-1.
21:09   India is off to a flying start
India 46-0 (4 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Obed McCoy is brought into the attack, starts with a wide. Rohit hits it over the midwicket and over the fence for six runs! He flicks to square leg for a single. SKY's turn to hit the maximum! He hammers it over long on. Backs it with a boundary over backward point! SKY then pushes to midwicket for a single. Rohit ends the over with an impressive six! 

25 came off it, massive over for India. After 3 overs India are 39-0. 

Alzarri Joseph is the new bowler, legbye called. Rohit and SKY deal in singles. Seven came off it. After 4 overs India are 46-0.
21:02   India is off to a good start

India 14-0 (2 Ovs) vs WI | Scorecard

Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar Yadav walk out to bat. Windies take a knee before they start. 

They will start with spin and Akeal Hosein is the man. Rohit faces Hosein, pushes to cover, won't get any runs. Rohit is off the mark as he flicks it for a single. SKY is also off the mark with a single. Rohit drives it to long on for a couple. He cuts it towards point region for a boundary. Dot to end the over. After the first over India are 8-0. 

Dominic Drakes comes from the other end, SKY pushes for a single. Rohit gets into the groove and hammers a boundary. Back it with a single. After two overs India are 14-0.
20:27   Here are the playing XIs

Here are the playing XIs

India: Rohit Sharma(c), Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant(w), Sanju Samson, Deepak Hooda, Dinesh Karthik, Axar Patel, Avesh Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

West Indies: Brandon King, Kyle Mayers, Nicholas Pooran(c), Rovman Powell, Shimron Hetmyer, Devon Thomas(w), Jason Holder, Dominic Drakes, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph, Obed McCoy
20:26   Windies win toss, elect to field

It is time for toss.

Windies skipper Nicholas Pooran has won the toss and elected to field.

He also informs that they are unchanged.

Rohit Sharma informs that India has made three changes- Ravi Bishnoi, Axar Patel and Sanju Samson are in. They replace Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin and Shreyas Iyer.
20:15   Toss at 8.15 PM
The cover shave been removed and toss will be at 10:45 am (8:15 pm IST) and starting at 11:15 am (8:45 PM).
19:42   India vs Windies: Toss delayed due to bad weather

It's been raining on and off and that has delayed the toss. 

Meanwhile, Indian women's cricket team pipped hosts England by four runs to enter the final of the Commonwealth Games on Saturday.

Needing 165 to win, England were cruising along at 132 for 3. The hosts required only 33 runs off 24 balls but off-spinner Rana (4-0-28-2) bowled extremely well. She gave away only 3 runs in the 18th and 9 runs in the final over.
19:39   4th T20I: India gear up for Windies

India gear up for the back-to-back T20I games against West Indies, starting in Fort Lauderhill, Florida on Saturday. 

India are currently leading the five-match series 2-1 and nothing would be more satisfying than a couple of thumping wins in front of the USA's Indian diaspora, which is anticipating an enjoyable weekend cricket carnival.